NZXT Lexa Blackline Case
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-08-2007
Provided by: NZXT
Closer Look

A Closer Look:

This is the Lexa Blackline. Except for color, and a couple of other changes, it it just like the original Lexa. I've never seen one, so it is new to me. The bezel is made of shiny black plastic, NZXT calls it a “piano finish”. Having been into wood finishing in the past, “piano finish” means a little more than that to me, but it's just a name.

The Blackline has a stealthed side window, no screws or rivets visible. The right side panel swings open instead of sliding, and is held in place by this cool locking latch.

The window has a 120mm fan in it. This is just the first of several points of extreme cooling that the Lexa Blackline has. The slits and mesh look very cool, but will make for some restrained airflow.

The rear of the case has this plastic guard over it. I guess it is mainly to make the back of the case have the curved shape of the front. It is also for cable management. The guard is well thought out, it is held in place by tabs on the top and bottom of the guard. It also can be held by the screws holding the side panels in place. Personally, I seldom use those screws. At first, I thought that this guard was going to be a real pain…the left side panel requires a screw to keep it closed, and I assumed that this screw would have to be through the guard. NZXT thought of that, and has two sets of holes, one set if you put the screws through the guard, and another set if you want screws but know you will want to remove the guard without removing the side panel screws.

Here is something else that isn't on the original Lexa… pre-drilled holes in the chassis for water cooling hoses, complete with multi-size grommets. The second point of extreme cooling items on the Blackline.

The Blackline has a temperature monitor on the upper front part of the case. I'll talk more about that later. No, it isn't a bad can't tell that there is any kind of screen here yet.

Finally for the exterior, the Blackline has a blowhole. The third point of extreme cooling. The punched holes are large enough to offer little resistance to airflow, which is good.

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