Bitfenix Raider Mid-Tower Chassis
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-07-2012
Provided by: Bitfenix
First Look Inside

The included accessory box contains the usual items - a bag of screws, standoffs and all of the hardware needed to get things going. Also included are feet for the case to set it a little higher off of the ground to allow for airflow for the PSU and Zip ties to keep the wiring clean.

Taking a look at the inside we see plenty of openings to pass cabling through on the motherboard tray. We can also see the front panel connectors and the internal USB 3.0 headers. Most modern motherboard should accommodate an on-board USB 3.0 header.

The drive bays are elegant in their simplicity. The six 3.5 drive trays just have you snap a drive into them and the included screws allow you to mount 2.5 drives wherever you want. The four 5.25 bays have a built-in retention clip sporting the Bitfenix logo. In front of the internal bays there are two 120mm Bitfenix Spectre fans included with the case.

Above the I/O panel we see the third 120mm Spectre fan that was included with the case. There are of course additional spots for optional fans, but the three included fans should provide plenty of airflow. Taking a look at the back of the mainboard tray we can see the large cutout to support aftermarket CPU coolers. It is easier to see from this angle the included rubber grommets on the cable routing system which helps give a finished feel to the case. There also seems to be a decent amount of room behind the tray to allow for storing all of the different cables you might stash back here.

Finally on the next page we are going to install some hardware in the Raider and button it all up.

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