BFG Tech LS-680 Power Supply
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-24-2008
Provided by: BFG Tech
First Impressions

The LS 680W comes with pretty minimal padding—simply a layer of bubble wrap. This is only the second PSU I've seen with such minimal protection, but it appears to have done the job well. Along with the PSU, you get some plastic cable ties, some Velcro cable ties, an unusually high gauged power cable, a manual, and some screws. The Velcro cable ties are a great addition and should be included in more power supplies. These ties don't carry the commitment of a plastic tie because they are reusable and don't need to be cut open, which encourages users to use them to clean up their cables.

On top of the PSU we find a power chart detailing the distribution of wattage over the various 12V lines and the 5 and 3.3V lines. 20A on all of the 12V lines should be sufficient for all mid-ranged and most performance rigs.

The LS 680W comes with a 135mm variable speed fan, which was generally very quiet during use. The BFG Tech logo is indented in both sides of the PSU, which is an attractive touch. Again, the top of the PSU has the power chart we saw earlier. Topping it all off is a sleek matte-black finish. The exhaust grill for the power supply is nice and open, which should not restrict airflow. I would have liked to see BFG screw down the power inlet, though, because I've commonly seen these come loose after multiple un-plugs.

Continue on as we have a look at the cables for the LS 680W PSU.

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