BFG Tech MX 550W Modular Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 02-05-2009
Provided by: BFG Technologies
First Look

From left to right, we have the power supply itself, user's manual, a features sheet, five Velcro cable straps, five screws, four zip ties, power cable and modular cable bundle.

Each side of the MX 550 has the BFG logo stamped into the outer shell which is subtle but at the same time, a bit bold. Eight modular connections are nestled between the two hard wired cables and the 80mm helper fan. This fan only turns on if the internal temperature of the PSU exceeds 50 C.

The back of the power supply uses a honeycomb style grill, the best possible method, that allows warm air from within to flow out the back with the least amount of resistance. An on / off power breaker and A/C power connector are positioned out of the way in the corner.

A large 120mm fan sits on the top of the power supply and is responsible for it's primary cooling. The bottom of the power supply is where we find the power breakdown chart as well as a few quality check stickers.

Next up we check out the modular cable system.

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