BFG Tech LS-550 Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-05-2008
Provided by: BFG Tech
Design / Installation

The LS-550 is only slightly over square at roughly 6"x6.4" in size. The case is finished in a semi-gloss textured black that feels very durable. A single large 135mm cooling fan is mounted on the bottom. All of the cables are wrapped in black nylon mesh and the connectors are also a matching black.

The rear of the LS-550 uses a very open, wide honeycomb mesh panel for good airflow. The only obstructions are the power plug and on/off switch. The rating label for the power supply can be found on the top, and although the safety approval certifications are displayed, there is no UL number listed for the power supply manufacturer. I would be curious to know who manufactures BFG's power supplies for them. Maybe of greater importance however is the fact that the label shows a maximum draw of 20A for each +12v rail. That is 4A more than what BFG's website spec shows. After a quick email to BFG Tech for clarification, we were told "It is 20A per +12V rail, but the combined +12V is actually 480W and not 500W." Something doesn't quite seem right with those specs however. Compared to other 550-600W power supplies with quad +12v rails, the 16A for each seems a more realistic rating.

I had originally intended on installing the LS-550 in my main PC which uses close to 400W at full load, although in retrospect it's probably best that I didn't intentionally try to push this power supply to its limits. As luck would have it, my server's power supply happened to die just when this review came up, so I will be installing the BFG power supply into that system. It's comprised mostly of hand-me-down parts, with an AMD 6400+ 125W TDP processor, nVidia SLI 570 board and outdated 6600GT video card. It's also got five hard drives, one standalone and two sets of RAID1 mirrors.

Let's see how the LS-550 performs as I wrap things up with testing and conclusion.

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