BFG Tech LS-550 Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-05-2008
Provided by: BFG Tech

The BFG LS-550 is shipped in plastic bubble wrap and comes with a standard power cord, mounting screws, zip and Velcro ties for cable management and a user manual. The manual has detailed specs and installation instructions - probably one of the better power supply manuals I've seen in a while.

There are seven cables of varying lengths used on the LS-550, each wrapped in black nylon mesh. The ends are zip tied and use heat shrink to prevent unraveling. The main ATX cable is a 20+4 pin design, allowing use on older or newer motherboards. The auxiliary +12v connector is likewise a 4+4 pin. BFG put two PCIe power cables on the LS-550, one regular 6-pin and one that uses a 6+2 pin design, a feature I've not seen on any other brand to date. The remaining three cables are for SATA and other drive peripherals.

BFG's spec sheet on the LS-550 indicates a 24A +3.3v line and a 30A +5v, as well as 16A on each of four +12v independent rails. While 16A may not sound like much, keep in mind that the power specification for a 6-pin PCIe is only 75W, or a little over 6A. An 8-pin PCIe has double that, but 150W or 12.5A is still well within the maximum allowable current. An 8-pin EPS connector however specifies up to 336W or a whopping 28A maximum draw. The spec allows for these to be provided from two separate 14A rails, which should be doable for the LS-550.

Now let's take a closer look at the LS-550 power supply.

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