BFG Tech EX Series 1000 Watt Power Supply
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-03-2009
Provided by: BFG Technologies

Five cables come pre-attached to the EX-1000. The first two are your typical 20+4-pin motherboard connector and an 8-pin/4-pin ATX12V connector. Why the ATX12V connector is not just a 4+4-pin connector like on the LS-680 I do not know.

In addition to those two standard motherboard cables, three more cables are hard-wired to the unit. I consider the extra, potentially unused, wires to be a kind of nuisance, seeing as a modular system is meant to provide as much freedom as possible. The first cable is a 6+6+2-pin PCI-express cable, which is intended for use on 6-pin, 8-pin, 6+6-pin, or 8+6-pin cards. There is also a peripheral connector, with three Molex plugs and one floppy-style connector. I don't expect many people will be using the floppy connector. Finally, there is a SATA cable, with three SATA power plugs.

There are also six modular cables included, for a total of 11 possible cables. There are two more 6+6+2-pin PCI-express cables, allowing for triple SLI configurations with high power consuming cards. Three additional SATA cables can be connected to the unit, each with three plugs. This makes for nine modular SATA connections, and 12 SATA connections altogether. Finally, there is one modular peripheral cable, which has three more Molex plugs, and yet another floppy connection.

In all, there are the standard motherboard and ATX12V cables, three PCI-express cables, 12 SATA connections, just six Molex connections, and an outstanding two floppy connections. While it's safe to have one floppy connection, I don't suspect many customers purchasing such a high-end unit will be using two floppy-style powered components.

Some notes on efficiency just ahead, then on to testing and conclusions.

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