Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 08-23-2006
Provided by: Razer
Closer Look

The jack on the end of the long cord is pretty strange for a headset...

....looks strangely similar to a DVI connector, though if you compare them they aren't exactly the same. This connects to the Barracuda AC-1 soundcard. But, if you don't have the AC-1.....

.....an adapter is included to allow you to connect the headset to any stereo or 5.1 soundcard. The USB connector provides power for the headset's amplifier.

All of the HP-1's connectors are gold-plated.

The HP-1 has its own active electronics, with eight separate amplifiers contained in the inline control. Here we see the on/off switch, along with the front and rear volume controls. Actually, the switch is a three-way switch, off, on with LEDs, and on without LEDs.....

.....I didn't mention that the inline controller has a LED Razer logo...

....along with each earpiece. The additional setting on the switch allows use of the headset without the LEDs glowing.

Here, we see the volume controls for the center and bass.

And the dome-shaped protuberance is the master volume control.

And now, the coolest feature of the headset...and the scariest....

The mic is removable. I really like the idea, because on the typical gaming headset, the mic is kind of a pain if you aren't using it. But, scary, I have a bad habit of misplacing things, and my wife has a bad habit of "straightening up" without even realizing it, and items often go to "never-never land".

This mic is conveniently short, and has noise canceling.

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