Azza Titan 240 Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-27-2016
Provided by: Azza

At 20" tall, 7.8" wide and only 17.7" deep, the Titan 240 measures in on the small side of the mid-tower category. As we'll see later in the review, the extra height exists to accommodate top-mounted fans and radiators. Both front and top panels feature smoked transparent windows that are vented along the sides for airflow with the front drive slots hidden behind a hinged door. The most notable feature seen from this angle is the single piece of tempered, tinted glass held in place with four thumbscrews at the corners.

Rather than being inset, the riser slots are flush with the back panel of the case. As such, the screw-down tabs must be accessed from outside the case through holes in the trim covering. The power supply opening is located at the bottom of the case, but only has mounting holes for orienting the PSU with fan facing down. The back side panel is held in place in a traditional manner with two thumbscrews that secure to the rear edge.

The headphone and microphone jacks, along with one USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports, can be found in the center angled edge of the top panel. The power and reset buttons as well as a combination power / drive activity LED can be found along the left edge of the top panel. The LED is blue for power and red for activity although these can be swapped if desired. On the bottom of the case is a removable mesh filter for the power supply fan opening and four rectangular plastic blocks that raise the case up off the floor. This is a nice feature to have when using the case on plush carpet.

The front panel has a door that opens to reveal two external 5" drive bays. Below the door, you'll find a section of the front panel that has a faceted appearance (if you're a fan of this look, you should definitely check out Azza's Onyx 260). Care must be taken when working with the front and top panels, particularly the smoked plastic windows, as these flex quite a bit (likely due to the venting along the sides). Here you can see the crack that the top window sustained during shipping, even though there was no substantial damage visible to the exterior of the box.

Here we've removed the front and top panels, showing the mounting locations for 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans in the front and 2x120mm fans in the top. One 120mm white LED fan is included in the lower front position.

Let's take a closer look at the interior of the Titan 240.

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