Azza Solano 1000 Gaming Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-11-2009
Provided by: Azza

Removing the side panel reveals that Azza has done a thorough job on painting every interior surface in the Solano. In addition to the back side of the panel itself, the drive rails, motherboard tray and entire chassis received the black-out treatment. The accessory box contains an external 5" to 3" bay panel and a set of adapter rails in order to mount a floppy drive, as well as cable ties, motherboard speaker and plenty of mounting hardware, including an abundance of thumbscrews.

There are rubber feet for the power supply to rest on, and the opening is drilled for mounting in either orientation, with fan facing up or down. All of the riser slot blanks are vented and held in with thumbscrews. There is also additional venting and rubber grommets for water tubing above the slots. The rear and top exhaust fans both have 4-pin black Molex connectors. The top-mounted fan is wired to a fan speed controller nearly invisible above the rear exhaust fan. A 3-position selection switch allows for Low, Medium or High settings. The motherboard tray includes some pre-installed standoffs in positions common to the various ATX formats.

Looking at the inside of the front section we see the mesh bay fillers behind the 5" drive rails. The bundle of cabling from the top panel is routed behind the motherboard tray through an available access slot. Towards the bottom, the rails contain two removable hard drive cages held in with thumbscrews. The inside mounting surfaces of the cages are lined with a thin layer of rubberized foam to help absorb vibrations from the hard drives. The cages house the two front 140mm fans that provide intake airflow. These fans also feature black 4-pin Molex connectors. Up to eight internal 3" drives, four in each cage, can be mounted here. Three of the 5" bays are available externally in the default configuration. Removing either of the cages frees up room for an additional three external 5" bays.

The front bezel comes off with just a slight tug at the bottom in order to remove or replace the ten individual mesh bay fillers. These snap in and out easily and are locked firmly in place with two tabs on either side. Additionally there are mounting holes for screws if you wish to attach them more securely. The two panels in the center come fixed in this manner. With all of the controls mounted in the top section there are no wires to fool with leading to the front bezel. Removing the back side panel reveals a one-piece motherboard tray / drive bay rail that is liberally spotted with access holes for running cables through. The edges of the holes are rolled to prevent damage to cables and more cable ties are provided, as well as small slots to use for attachment points.

Next let's get some hardware installed into the Solano.

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