Azza Fusion 3000 Full Tower Chassis
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-07-2012
Provided by: AZZA
First Look - Inside

As mentioned earlier, the left side panel features a fully removable filter. This makes it easy to clean the dust out if you add a fan or fans anywhere on the side of the case. Speaking of side panel fans, there are mounting holes to accommodate a variety of different fan sizes. You can have either dual 120mm or 140mm fans or go big with a single 230mm fan. If you were going to add a fan into this optional location, I would recommend a single 230mm fan. The larger fans can move more air per turn and are usually quieter as they spin slower.

Jumping back to the front bezel for a moment, the two front 120mm fans are actually part of a door that covers six 3.5Ē and four 2.5" Easy Swap bays. Looking at them from the inside we can see that there are back planes with SATA connections and Molex power connectors. Below the hot swap bays are two 3.5Ē internal bays.

Pulling back and looking at the whole interior we can see plenty of space and openings for cable routing. There is one 140mm fan included for rear exhaust. Looking at the backside of the mainboard tray we see the large cutout for swapping out CPU coolers. There is a decent amount of depth for being able to actually route cables behind the mainboard, but the true test will be during installation.

Letís install some hardware in this case and see how it works.

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