NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 11-01-2011
Provided by: NZXT

To help cut down on costs, NZXT ships the Avatar S in a plastic shell and box combo with just the mouse itself and a simple printed card with their web address to download the software/driver. Since the Avatar S functions with default settings right out of the box, courtesy of the 16Kb onboard memory, you could simply plug in the mouse and go.

The shape of the Avatar S has not changed much from its predecessor. It still uses the same ambidextrous design and is roughly 2" wide by 5" long and 1" tall. This gives the Avatar S a slim, elongated body with a very low profile. Just like the original Avatar, there's also not much weight to this one, and no method for adding more mass either. NZXT does make the mouse available now in this new white color in addition to the original black.

While NZXT has kept the primary and side left/right buttons and the scroll wheel, gone are the two top center programmable buttons from the original Avatar. Certainly there are some who would miss having those extra buttons to set for various gaming functions, however most users are likely content to make due with just the basic five controls. Rather than the previous 2600 DPI 4-way selectable optical sensor, the new Avatar S features a 1600 DPI 3-way selectable laser sensor. Despite the reduction in sensitivity the laser sensor should provide better tracking on a wider variety of surfaces.

Next let's plug the Avatar S in and load the software.

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