FSP Group Aurum Gold 500 Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 06-17-2011
Provided by: FSP Group
First Look

Inside the retail box is the power supply, power cable, four thumbscrews, two Velcro cable ties, a case badge and a quick start guide. The thumbscrews are a nice touch and similar to the ones Jakob found with the recently reviewed Sentey GSP850-SM.

The Aurum is a non-modular power supply which isn't uncommon for lower wattage units like this. FSP Group have wrapped all of the cables in black mesh which come bundled together with a Velcro strap. Once undone, you can get a good idea of just how long the cables are. Rather than photograph each connector, I have included the diagram below which details each connector and their quantity.

Everything here looks pretty standard. The main ATX cable is a 20+4 pin design, making it backwards compatible with older 20-pin ATX connector boards. Most newer power supplies we have looked at lately have moved away from this design and offer a single 24-pin connector. Also note that there are only two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. You could run dual video cards with this power supply, granted each card only requires a single power cable. Optionally you could run a single higher-end card that needs two connectors, but that's it.

The shell of the Aurum is solid black with a thick textured surface that looks similar to Rhino Lining. The FPS name is embossed on each side of the unit along with a few small ventilation slots. At the back of the power supply is a standard power connector and on / off switch. The grill is a unique design that I haven't seen used before. FPS claims this unique design improves air extraction, thus resulting in a cooler running unit.

On the bottom of the power supply is the 120mm intake fan in what FSP Group calls a "crown" design. The casing and grill design here is a bit different but I rather like what they have done with it. Of course, this will be facing downwards in most moderns cases to intake fresh air from outside of the system so this doesn't matter too much if you don't like the design.

The UL number E190414 indicates FSP Group Inc as the company behind this power supply. Whirlpool indicates that FSP, or Fortron Source actually manufacture their own power supplies and are classified as "average to slightly above average units".

The sticker on the underside of the 120mm fan reveals a Protechnic Electric MGA12012MF-A25 fan. Based on the rated current listed on the sticker (.38A), this fan produces up to 70.1 CFM @ 32.2 dBA.

Let's move ahead and get the FSP Group 500w installed in our test system.

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