OCZ Technology ATV Turbo USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 10-05-2007
Provided by: OCZ Technology
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Testing and Conclusion

I will be testing the ATV Turbo using HD Tune 2.54 as well as a real-world timed test, where I will transfer MP3s to and from the drive. All tests will be conducted on my dedicated test system which consists of the following hardware:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.5 GHz
Zalman CNPS9500 CPU Cooler
EVGA 680i SLI Motherboard
8800GTX VGA card
4 Gb OCZ Platinum PC2-6400 Memory
74 Gb Western Digital Raptor 10k RPM HDD
Lite-On Optical Drive
Mountain Mods Duality Case

First up, the results from HD Tune.

Transfer rates here in HD Tune are very impressive indeed. Let's see how things stack up with some real-world testing. I performed this test by transferring 3.78 GB (812 files) of MP3s to and from the ATV Turbo drive. I ran each test three times then averaged them together to get the final results. Below are the results obtained.

Usage, Findings and Conclusion

This drive has certainly proven itself here today, both in terms of durability and sheer speed. Sure, most users will never be in a circumstance where their ATV Turbo would be frozen or boiled (unless your name is Bear Grylls), but knowing that the drive can withstand liquid in extreme measure is comforting. The next time someone shoves you in a pool, only your wallet's contents and vehicle's keyless entry remote will be damaged!

All kidding aside, this really is an excellent flash drive that should fit the needs of nearly everyone. Data transfer speeds were very fast (the fastest we have tested to date) and the rubberized finish will keep the drive (and data) protected against nearly anything you can throw at it. The drive is backed by a full lifetime warranty, so in the event that something does happen to it, you are covered. The ATV Turbo is also optimized for Windows Vista Ready Boot, which can improve program loading speed and overall system performance when using Vista.

The only negative I could find with the ATV Turbo is its price. As of writing, the cheapest I was able to find it online was $102.12, a pretty high price for a flash drive. If a rugged design and fast performance is something you must have, then the OCZ ATV Turbo is the drive for you.

OCIA.net has awarded the ATV Turbo our Seal of Approval.

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