LapWorks Attache Laptop Desk
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 04-10-2008
Provided by: LapWorks
Usage / Conclusion

Using the Attache is pretty easy to figure out. Simply adjust the stand to one of the four positions then place your laptop on it. The whole purpose of the Attache is to use it to "transform" your laptop into a desktop. The stand is used to elevate and raise the screen of your laptop to eye-level. Then, you would use an external mouse and keyboard just like you would with a desktop computer.

Here we see my laptop in place on the Attache. The position shown here is in the "highest" position, which places the stand at a 42 angle. In theory, you could still use the laptop keyboard and touch pad with the unit in the lowest position, but that really defeats the purpose.

To test the cooling ability of the Attache, I set my laptop to run Prime95 (one instance per core) which will put the CPU at 100% usage. I then let the system run for 20 minutes on the Attache with the fans off. Then, I turned them on and ran the system for another 20 minutes.

As you can see, the Attache was able to lower the exhaust air temperature by a little over 6 F. A decrease of 6 F really isn't much, but then again you have to consider that the two cooling fans are blowing over the middle of the laptop, not in the area of the CPU.


Prior to Frank reviewing the Futura, I had never really thought about using a laptop as a "desktop". But, the idea is a good one, especially if your laptop is your only computer. Raising the screen up to eye-level will prevent you from having to constantly "look down". There's no doubt that this will help prevent issues with your neck and that sort of thing.

The actual cooling capabilities of the Attache are there, as it was able to lower my CPU exhaust temperature by about 6 F under full load. The two cooling fans used in the Attache are very quiet. I could not hear them over the fan on the laptop. As for the upper aluminum surface, it became only slightly warm during usage, meaning it probably didn't transfer and dissipate much heat.

The Attache requires a USB port on your laptop to power the two fans, but thankfully, they include four ports on the device itself. This, of course, give you an extra three ports to use with your computer. I would, however, be weary of using all of these ports with devices that require a decent amount of power, as it may overpower the single port on your laptop.

The on / off switch for the fan works as it should. The LED indicator, however, simply indicates that the unit is plugged into your laptop. It would be nice if this LED indicated if the fan is on or not.

While I was not able to find any specs on how heavy the Attache is, I would guess maybe 2-3 pounds. For use at home, this is not an issue, but if you wanted to take the Attache with you in your laptop bag... well, any extra weight isn't really welcomed.

As of writing, the LapWorks Attache Laptop Desk retails for $69.96. I honestly think this is a bit much for a laptop stand. If you are really looking for something of this nature, I would suggest checking out their Envoy Laptop Stand, which retails for $20 less. The only difference is it lacks the aluminum panel.

Thanks to LapWorks for supplying us with this review sample.

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