Air Touch Flexible Keyboard
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-16-2008
Provided by:
The Keyboard

The Air Touch keyboard comes with a brief, comically translated manual and a USB to PS/2 converter. A plug and play device, it doesn't come with any drivers or software. It is a full sized keyboard and is about as wide as a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard. It's so wide because of the logic board on the right hand side — the only part that cannot bend. From the back you can see that the board is very cleanly constructed, with no stray wires or any mess — just the keys and the logic board for data transport and status LEDs.

As you can see, the keyboard is very bendy and flexible and can be packed away easily for transportation. On the right hand side, you'll find the status LEDs and the number pad, all very standard. In fact, the only difference between this keyboard and the average full keyboard is that the print screen, scroll lock, and pause break buttons have been moved down to make room for wake up, sleep, and power buttons. On the left side, there is the standard QWERTY style keyboard. The space bar is split up because it's not a bar, but rather two buttons.


To test out the Air Touch keyboard, I decided I would first eat some crumby food over it and “spill” some soda on it. Though it was disgusting to use, and sticky after a few minutes, it still worked fine. They claim that you can put the keyboard in shallow water, so I put the keyboard in a shallow puddle of Pepsi, and I could type with my hands submerged in liquid. After about an hour, when I decided it had survived convincingly well enough, I rinsed it off in the sink and it was like new: still functional and just as clean as before.

The box claims that the Air Touch keyboard can be used in -40C environments, so I tossed it in my freezer's ice bucket for an hour and then pulled it and plugged it into my computer. No change. Short of dropping an anvil on this thing or cutting it open, I couldn't figure out a way to break it, especially within the scope of daily use.

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