Air Touch Flexible Keyboard
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-16-2008
Provided by:

You saw it in “Live Free or Die Hard,” and you liked it. Don't lie, I know you did. The kid was a nerd, the movie had no plot, and they used acrylic PC cases… it's embarrassing I know. But you liked the keyboard. What's not to love about a waterproof, folding keyboard right before a great fight scene?

Packaging may vary, but here is the famed Air Touch keyboard, “the strong and silent type,” just like John McClane, right? Besides being comfortable and silent, this keyboard is washable (even with alcohol-based cleaners), flexible, water resistant, dust proof, odorless, and acid/alkaline-proof. According to the manual, it can even be used in the army, in a sandstorm, and between -40 and +80C (-40 to +176F). The only things you can't do are things like cutting it, lighting it on fire, and dipping it in oil based compounds… bummer, I do that stuff to my keyboards all the time. Specs are as follows:

• Compatibility: IBM Win 98/2000/Me/xp
• Communication: USB, PS/2, USB+PS/2
• Layout: 79 keys
• Dimension(mm): 330(L)X118(W)X4.8(H)
• Electronic data: +5VDC ± % @ 250mA
• Total height: 4.8mm ± 0.2
• Weight: 190g

That's one tough keyboard right there, if I may say so myself. Today we're going to see if it really is all of these wonderful things, and if it's worth your oh-so-valuable money. Continue on as we take a closer look…

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