ASYS Freedom CK-1022-6 Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-07-2006
Provided by: Asys

There's four slots for 3" drives which mount with screw-less rails and feature these locking tabs to hold them in place.

Asys includes enough rails to mount four 3" and four 5" drives in these handy rail storage trays, plus a fifth pair of the 5" rails in the accessory box.

Mounted in front of the drive cage is a 120x25mm quiet intake fan included with the case.

Plus mounting provisions for a second 120x25mm intake fan above the drive cage. All fan mounts utilize plastic push-pins and rubber grommets to make installation tool-less and dampen any vibration.

The front I/O panel has a length of cable that reaches to the bottom corner of the case.

Just like the 3" cage, the 5" bays have a locking tab in addition to the snap-in rail clips to really ensure your drives stay in place.

The motherboard tray is removable, and also has an adapter plate for dual-processor server motherboards.

Continue checking out the Freedom features.

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