ASYS Freedom CK-1022-6 Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-07-2006
Provided by: Asys
First Look

The case itself is wrapped in the typical plastic bag, but Asys used soft foam end caps to protect it during shipping, rather than the usual hard molded Styrofoam.

Removing the shipping material reveals an attractive black finish and this funky X pattern grill on the front. The case measures over 21" tall and nearly 22" in depth! This is easily the largest case I've ever owned... a full 4" taller than my regular mid-tower case.

The side panel comes with a slightly odd-shaped window and a locking handle. There's also a few honeycomb-style grid openings and thumbscrews on the back.

Pretty standard layout for the rear, although there are some nice touches here, like the mesh fan grill.

The front comes complete with I/O panel and drive blanks. The side edges of the front are hinged covers that open to allow quick and easy adding or removing of drives, then close to present a more aesthetic look.

The feet are able to rotate out perpendicular to the case, which gives a little more side-to-side stability, or they can be turned in flush with the sides.

The handle hides a small lock to keep the side panel in its place. Two keys are included.

Let's take a look inside.

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