ASYS Freedom CK-1022-6 Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-07-2006
Provided by: Asys

I'll admit it, I'm more of a mid-tower kind of guy. Sure, who doesn't like all the extra room you get from a full tower case, but let's face it... do I really need all that space? I don't have nearly enough hardware to come close to filling it up, and those big outside dimensions just seem to get in the way. There's some I even have trouble fitting under my desk and I have to put them at the end, which makes accessing the front and cabling the rear challenging.

Enter the new CK-1022-6 Freedom, touted as a Super Tower / entry-level server case from Asys. Yes, that's Asys, with a Y. Can't say that I've ever come across any of their cases before, but the product information sheet looked promising. And the pictures showed it was no slouch in the looks department either. There were also some interesting features I wanted to check out a bit closer. This might not be such a bad case after all.

So when the box showed up on my doorstep, I eagerly dragged the thing inside to get a better view. And I mean literally drag, man this thing weighs a ton. Just what all is inside this box?

The shipping container looked a little worse for the wear, but that's nothing unusual for UPS.

Continue as we take a look at the Asys Freedom Tower.

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