Asus Black Diamond RT-N56U Router and USB-N13 Adapter
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-21-2011
Provided by: Asus
A Closer Look, Black Diamond

The Black Diamond arrives in a flashy, matte black box exclaiming about all of its various features. Around back we can see some more graphical explanations about the purpose of dual-band broadcasting. The router comes with your standard bundle, including a vertical stand, a power cord, a USB extension cable, and the obligatory mass of unnecessary paper documentation. Interestingly, there is a CD included to help you connect to the router; we did not explore this option.

Here we get a closer look at the unit itself. The router is quite thin and sleek, with a tiled plastic (or Black Diamond, if you will) texture on front. It has an angled body, much thinner on the left side, and wider on the right to accommodate the various ports.

The front is home to several icons to indicate various forms of activity (power, wireless at each band, wired, etc.); these are marked by blue LEDs when the unit is running. On the fatter side you'll find (from top to bottom) two USB ports, four local Ethernet ports, one WAN Ethernet port, and the power plug.

Everything looks quite nice here; continue on as we take a closer look at the USB-N13.

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