Asus Cine5 Speaker and Xonar D2X Sound Card
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-30-2010
Provided by: Asus
Cine5 First Looks

The Cine5 is much smaller than we were expecting. Although the hefty box suggests a large footprint, the unit is just about as wide as a 19” wide screen monitor. Astonishingly, our unit appears to be refurbished—upon receipt, the unit was quite dirty (despite the plastic protector), the cables were lackadaisically crammed into the box without ties, and the power brick had tape on it. This isn't terribly uncommon as some companies "recycle" review samples. Along with the speaker itself comes a modest bundle consisting of: user's manual, power cord, three-way male-male audio cables, and two kinds of feet (rubber and metal).

The Cine5 sports modern looks with clean, smooth lines. The front main body has standard black cloth protecting all of the speakers. The rest of the body is plastic and sports a shiny piano black finish. The silver trim nicely compliments the silver volume/mute knob on top of the speaker.

The included cable should be long enough for any user. Because there is just one central speaker unit, the cable only needs to be as long as your keyboard cable or similar. The connections for the cable appear to be gold plated.

The user has two options for feet on the Cine5. There are soft rubber feet to prevent slippage, and also shiny metal feet with rubber tips so they don't scratch your desk. Given all of the many things you might want to customize on a speaker system, for example bass levels, it is beyond me why Asus felt compelled to provide more than one type of feet. I guess you can't complain about having options, though.

Around back we find (left to right): a headphone jack, front/side/center audio jacks, power inlet, and a power switch. Note that the volume spinner on top of the speaker can be pressed for mute, which is much more convenient than this small power switch. Not much to see on the bottom other than the screw-mounts for the various feet types.

Continue on as we take a look at the Xonar D2X sound card.

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