Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-27-2012
Provided by: Thermaltake

The entire front panel can be easily removed with a sharp tug at the bottom, revealing a removable mesh filter for the intake fan. The side panel incorporates a unique connection method for the fan, rather than simply offering a dangling length of wire, the end is attached to the bottom lip of the panel with three spring loaded pins. The lower case edge has a matching receiver with contacts for the pins. I applaud Thermaltake for this method for powering the side panel fan without having wires draped across the bottom of the case. However as the fan is permanently wired to this connector it is not easy to change out, if you wanted to switch to a different fan for example. Had they made the panel connector with a standard 3pin fan header on top it would be perfect. Additionally the fan uses only two wires, despite there being a third pin for the speed sensor.

The interior reveals a motherboard tray with oversize CPU socket access hole, a nice feature for those who want to change out cooler backing plates without removing the board. Rubber grommets mask pass-through openings for running wires from front to back. An accessory box contains a user manual, 5" to 2"/3" drive bay adapter tray, a 5" to 3" front panel mesh adapter, a 4+4pin +12v CPU extension cable, motherboard speaker, a bundle of zip ties and the usual multitude of mounting screws, including fan screws.

The rear of the interior shows off the included exhaust fans as well as the large honeycomb grills in the top, bottom and back side. Thermaltake has used a fine mesh filter on the inside of the top panel despite this being an exhaust location, presumably to prevent dust or other objects from falling through the large holes. The eight expansion slot risers are also vented, and the bottom features a movable support that can be adjusted depending on the length of your power supply.

The front of the Armor Revo houses four 5" drive bays up top, and six combination 2"/3" drive trays at the bottom. The trays have rubber grommeted mounting pins on the side for standard 3" hard drives and screw holes in the bottom of the trays to attach 2" drives.

Let's get some hardware installed into the Armor Revo.

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