Arctic Sound P531 Gaming Headset
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-21-2010
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
Unboxing and First Look

The P531 comes in a nice box sporting the usual silver and black Arctic Cooling colors. On the front is a clear window so we can easily see the headset, microphone boom, USB plug, and the in-line sound controller. The sides give a better view of the ear cups and the back has the features listed in multiple languages. The last picture is of the headset removed from the box. The headset was well secured to the plastic liner and thus, should arrive safely even if handled a bit rough in transit.

The first thing I noted when removing the headset was the length of the USB cable. It is a nice 10 feet in length, so should reach your PC no matter where it is located and still give you plenty of freedom to move around. The USB interface is supposed to remove potential interference of traditional analog connectors and allow for true digital processing via their included software.

The next thing I noticed is how well the ear pieces move around. You can twist and turn them in just about any direction. This includes folding them inwards for easier packing when lugging around your gear. The microphone boom is a nice length, so it is easy to position without being a distraction or sitting against your face. The last picture is of the inside of the headband. It features a layer of microfiber cloth which should provide comfort to even the least padded head.

On the side we can see measurement markers so that you can keep the headband pulled out evenly on both sides. The top of the headset proudly displays the Arctic Sound logo. Flipping out the ear pieces I noticed two things. First is that they are lined with microfiber cloth which felt very comfortable. Second, Arctic opted for a round design. I was a little concerned about this, but will revisit it a bit later. I believe this is what they meant by a “closed circumaural design to isolate outside noise”.

Lastly, going back to the USB cable, we can see the in-line controller. It lights up when the headset is in use. On the controller are adjustments for overall volume, front, center, rear, and sub. This should give a high degree of tweaking in your audio preferences.

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