Cooler Master Aquagate VIVA VGA Liquid Cooling System
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-02-2006
Provided by: Cooler Master

High performance video cards are getting more powerful with each new generation and as performance increases, so does the heat generated by them creating a problem of how to adequately cool them at an acceptable noise level. Most stock air cooling solutions by default are fairly noisy at best and offer slightly better than acceptable performance at stock clocks. If you're into overclocking your video card at all, the performance of these air cooling solutions quickly declines to the point that you risk damaging your high-end video card.

To help solve this problem Cooler Master has developed a VGA water cooling solution that will remedy the heat problem as well as eliminate the noise problem. Cooler Master's Aquagate VIVA VGA cooling is an all-in-one sealed unit that offers the added benefit of being able to convert over to a CPU water cooling unit if the end-user so sees fit.

Let's get on with the review and take a look at the new Aquagate VIVA to see if it meets your video card's cooling needs.

The Aquagate VIVA comes packaged in a cardboard retail package in Cooler Master's typical design. The Aquagate VIVA is pictured on the front and on the rear of the box is a more detailed description of the cooler along with a full list of its specifications.

Inside you'll find each component placed in its own section of a plastic packing tray. This keeps the individual components from coming in contact with each other during transport which could damage the parts.

Above is a look at the Aquagate's specifications taken from Cooler Master's website. From the specs you can see that the VIVA should offer years of trouble free cooling service.

Ok, enough about that, let's take a closer look at the cooler itself...

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