Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Waterblock
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-01-2014
Provided by: Swiftech

Unlike previous Swiftech blocks, the Apogee XL does not come with any fittings included. I was a little surprised at this as all their previous blocks I've reviewed such as the Apogee XTL and HD came with " barb fittings. AMD users should be pleased as Swiftech has opted to include AMD mounting brackets, something that always required a separate order for the AMD installation kit before. And rather than requiring the entire block to be disassembled in order to mount the AMD bracket, they are now just two ears that attach to the existing Intel bracket to mate up to a standard AMD factory backing plate. Considering that some liquid cooling users may choose to go with compression or their own custom fittings, I guess it makes sense for Swiftech to forgo the barb fittings in lieu of pleasing the AMD folks.

In the factory default configuration, the Apogee XL is ready to install on Intel socket 1150/1155, with hardware included to fit Intel socket 2011 and all current and many previous AMD sockets such as 754, 939/940, AM2/3 and FM1/2. Now they have made the back plate for legacy Intel socket 754 and 1366 the optional requirement. Just as we saw with the Apogee HD, the XL block is assembled with eight screws that hold the base to the body.

The base plate is machined from C110 copper and includes a much larger fin/pin area compared to the previous Apogee HD block. I'm also pleased to see that the machining appears to have undergone a better quality control than our last review sample. There were no bent or misaligned pins and as pictured, the micro channels all appear aligned. Furthermore, the block is now assembled with standard Phillips head screws rather than the previous hex-head screws so no specialized tool is required for disassembly. The base has been polished to a nice sheen but as pictured, it is not quite up to Swiftech's usual superb mirror finish. There is a little waviness to the reflection and there are some marks left over either from the polishing process or scuffs suffered during shipping.

Let's get the Apogee XL block installed.

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