Apevia X-Dreamer 3 Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-22-2009
Provided by: Apevia

The interior surfaces are left plain painted gray steel, with a small amount of overspray of the exterior color around the edges. Included with the X-Dreamer 3 is a color user manual, a few cable management ties and various mounting screws and hardware.

The rear of the case shows snap-out blanks for the riser slots, but no filler plates to put back in if you ever move cards around. The edges around the slots are unfinished and sharp, and cards must be installed with screws; there are no provisions for tool-less attachment. The 120mm exhaust is a transparent blue plastic fan without LED lighting and a 4-pin pass-through Molex power connector. The top-mount power supply opening also has a small cutout from the motherboard tray to use for support.

There are no plastic rails or tool-less clips to use for mounting drives, instead they must be installed with screws. Four 5" drive bays and seven 3" make up the front of the case. Another 120mm fan serves as intake, blowing air through the lower drive bays. This fan also features a 4-pin pass-through power connector, along with the one for the front panel lighting and LCD display. Cables for the eSATA, USB and other front panel hardware are plenty long enough to reach anywhere in the case.

The cabling extends from the back side of the plastic bezel through an access hole in the metal chassis. The bezel is easily removed by two quick tugs at the top and bottom. The back side of the case shows plenty of space to pass cables through around the rear of the drive bays. However there are no access holes in the motherboard tray, other than the one where the power supply goes, nor any good way to attach cable management.

Let's install some hardware into the X-Dreamer 3.

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