Apevia X-Sniper Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-21-2008
Provided by: Apevia

The side panel window on the X-Sniper G Type is an odd-shaped design, which is a refreshing change from a plain rectangular one. The 120mm blue LED fan uses a standard 4-pin power connection. The interior is plain grey painted steel. The accessory box contains screws and other misc. mounting hardware, three sets of hard drive rails and an instruction manual.

The rear of the case houses another 120mm fan for exhaust. It is a transparent blue but does not contain LEDs. The seven riser slots use snap-in blank fillers and tool-less hold down clips that are easy to operate. The front five 5" and two external 3" bays use tool-less sliding drive clips. Apevia put clips in the top 5" bay even though it is externally inaccessible due to the controls and LCD panel at the top.

The front panel has plastic push pins that allow it to snap off easily in order to access the blank clips and case knock-outs when installing drives. The front panel has a rather bulky set of wires coming from it as both fan controllers have independent input and output connections, as well as power for the LCD, two temperature probes and the rest of the usual front panel I/O cables. Routing all of these around the optical drive can be a challenge if you put one in the second slot down. I opted to pull all the cabling back out and reroute it through a hole in the center part of the case where it can be hidden behind the 3" bays. There is also access through to the other side of the motherboard tray from there.

Next up, installation.

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