Apevia X-Sniper Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-21-2008
Provided by: Apevia

The front of the X-Sniper has a swing-open door with controls above and below that. At the top corners are two fan speed controller knobs that can be used to adjust the voltage going to each. In the center is a temperature LCD display that indicates CPU and HDD readings. Surrounding that are two USB ports, a firewire port and two audio jacks. The power and reset buttons are located at the very bottom corners, and have lighted trim rings that indicate power and hard drive activity.

The rear exhaust fan is another 120mm unit, although this one is plain, not an LED. The power supply opening is located at the top of the case.

The front panel door hides four 5" bays and two 3" with an additional three 3" inside. Both the blanks and the front panel have ventilation holes to allow for airflow. The side panel window includes a 120mm blue LED fan behind mesh-covered slits in the Plexi.

Next let's look at the interior.

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