Apevia X-QBOII Micro-ATX Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-03-2008
Provided by: Apevia

We've reviewed quite a few Apevia cases here at OCIA.net, several of which I have done myself, and one common factor among them all is the ability of Apevia to produce a quality, stylish case at a very good price. One of my all-time favorite cases has been the X-Jupiter tower, one that until just recently I had been using as my primary enclosure. Today I'll be taking a look at the new X-QBOII, a micro-tower case that appears to be sort of a scaled-down version of the X-Supra mid-tower, also recently reviewed here at OCIA.net.

Apevia's website shows three different color choices for the X-QBOII, black, silver and blue. But judging by the shipping container it appears they may begin offering red and green at some point. There are versions with and without a side panel window, which are also depicted on the box, but it seems that all of the cases come with a 500w power supply already installed. This micro-ATX or baby-AT case is only 16"x7"x15" in size and weighs in at just thirteen pounds, which is impressive considering that includes the PSU.

The X-QBOII is packaged in the typical manner, with hard Styrofoam caps on top and bottom, and the case set in the box with the rear facing down. The color indicated on the box was silver but when I first opened it up I thought I may have gotten a blue one instead. Turns out that is only a colored plastic sheet applied to the front panel to protect the aluminum bezel during shipping.

Join me as I take a closer look at the Apevia X-QBOII micro-tower case.

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