Apevia Iceberg 680W Light Color Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-09-2006
Provided by: Apevia
Closer Look

The user manual is fairly detailed for a power supply, containing information on specifications, features, ratings, a list and diagram of each connector along with the pin out assignments and the obligatory safety warnings.

The top of the power supply is made from black anodized aluminum and has some small fins that no doubt assist in cooling. The specification sticker can also be found here... out of sight when installed in most cases.

The bottom half of the power supply case is a clear plexiglas, covered by a thick plastic sheet to protect from scratches during shipping. The rear houses an on/off switch, fan speed adjustment knob and color select switch.

With the protective plastic sheet removed we can more easily view inside the power supply and get a look at the two 80mm LED fans and other components.

Being able to see all the wiring may not necessarily be a good thing.

The overall length of the cables is very good, ranging from 2-3 feet, making it easy to use this power supply in those larger tower cases. Also, each cable is individually sleeved in a blue mesh with matching heatshrink and connectors. The Iceberg comes in three color choices for the cables: blue, red or green.

Next we'll examine the individual cables.

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