Arctic Cooling Accelero S1/S2 Turbo Module
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 09-09-2007
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
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Testing and Conclusions

MSI 975X Platinum PUE (BIOS 7.4)
intel E6600 Core2 Duo 2.40GHZ 4MB
....@ 3.30 GHZ (1.32V) : CoolIT Eliminator
ATi Radeon X1900XTX 512MB
....Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 w/ Turbo Mod
Corsair 2x1GB DDR2-667 4-4-4-12
....@ DDR2-735 (1.95V)
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic : Logitech X-530
WD 74GB Raptor (10K)
WD 250GB Caviar (7.2K)
Ultra X3 600W
NEC 16x/16x DVD±R/W
NZXT. Apollo Orange Chassis

All testing was done with ATi Tool. A blank Windows XP Professional screen is considered an idle scenario, while load situations were created by scanning for artifacts with ATi Tool's 3D view. The ambient temperature during all testing was a horrifyingly humid 27C, though this isn't totally relevant because we will be looking at the differences between temperatures and not really the temperatures themselves. The case used for testing has a 120mm intake fan (at high), a 92mm CPU cooler exhaust fan, a 120mm PSU exhaust fan, and an empty 120mm fan slot on the side panel. Temperatures were allowed to settle for 15 minutes before being recorded to ensure that they were not still rising or falling.

These results are simply breathtaking. At idle, there isn't a giant difference, but when the card heats up, the Turbo Mod really shines. This is much better performance than I was expecting, which is always a nice thing.

Because the Turbo Mod is geared towards overclockers, I thought it would be an interesting benchmark to compare the maximum core clock as found by ATi Tool. When I reviewed the X1900XTX, it didn't appear to be the best overclocker, but when I installed the Accelero S1 I saw that the stock cooler had no cooling solution for the RAM chips. This is probably what hindered my overclocking efforts, as shown by the results above. I have to say, though, despite the great temperature difference, 35MHz isn't all that much increase in clock speed—but who knows how much better that is than stock!


The Turbo Mod is a pretty logical add-on to your Accelero S1/S2 cooler. These two inaudible fans that move just enough air to make a huge difference in temperature really took my Accelero S1 to the next level. All of the cables are sleeved in heat-shrink material so they won't be damaged by the hot Accelero, and the cord is just the right length to go directly to a port on my motherboard. The installation is simple and quick, and the performance is stellar. My only complaints are that the fans take up another expansion slot, and that the fans have no sort of protection at all. If you have spaghetti cables, you might want to consider cleaning them up before buying one of these. I can't say how much this would increase overclocking ability on other cards, but I also wasn't entirely impressed with those results, especially considering how this product is geared towards overclockers.

Nevertheless, at just $8.00 at a popular online reseller, the Turbo Module is a must buy for any owner of an Accelero S1 or S2 and we award it with the Seal of Approval.

+ Superb performance
+ Quick install
+ Great value

- Takes another expansion slot
- No fan protection (grills, etc.)

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