Arctic Cooling Accelero S1/S2 Turbo Module
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 09-09-2007
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
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First Look and Installation

The Turbo Module comes in your basic clamshell plastic package. They did some cutesy artwork here to make it look like it's installed on a cooler and give you a sneak peek at what you'll be dealing with. The back has a few graphs measuring Sone levels and temperatures comparing the S1, S1+Turbo Mod, and Stock coolers for the X1950Pro, and the same with the S2 cooler on the X1650XT. Arctic Cooling argues that Sone is a better measurement of sound because it is a scale of volume, as opposed to decibels (dBA) which measure sound intensity. Obviously, in these graphs, the Arctic Cooling solutions are far superior.

Inside the package are a manual, a sticker, a 3pin-Molex adapter, and the Turbo Module. The manual is illustrated and in decent English, which is more than I could say for that of the Accelero S1. On the back of the fans are simple clips that attach behind the fins of the cooler and keep the fans from falling off. There's no fixed distance or correct place to put the fans on your cooler—just keep the clips 8 fins apart and put them between the heatpipes. The fans are pretty basic, no grill of any sort and not excessively large or deep.

Installation is very straightforward, you just place the fans in the desired place and then push them down. I don't know how they expect you to get the thing off if you ever need to. It seems like such a task would require complete removal of the unit or a rigid stick to un-clip the clips. The only really annoying thing I ran into on this 20 second installation was that you actually have to count out 8 fins in between the clips. Anything other than 8 won't fit, so placing them on the cooler is not quite as trivial as I would have liked.

Once the fans are in place, the cables will knock the fan blades around, so you have to take a screw-driver and push the cables in between the fins of the cooler. I was surprised that they took no step to put a little grill behind the fans to make this process more fool-proof, but I gave the fans a few test spins with my finger and everything seemed all right.

In the end, it looks pretty good. Two fans right smack in the center of your cooler… I could have thought of that! When you put your card back into your computer, there are two ways of powering the fan: either you can connect the three pin power connector to your motherboard, or you can use the supplied Molex converter and plug straight into your power supply. I reluctantly chose the former, as I much rather would have used the power lead on the card itself. Alas there's not enough clearance between the cooler and the three pin power lead on the card and so this is not an option. The last thing I want to point out is that the fans take up yet another expansion slot, so make sure there isn't anything below your Accelero S1/2 before you put this on. Let's test this out!

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