Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Earphones
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-02-2010
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
Testing / Conclusion

I tried both the medium and the small size cups on the E352 earphones, and while the small fit more comfortably in my ear, the medium produced the better sound, most notably more responsive on bass notes. As Arctic Cooling points out in the guide, a snug fit will ensure the best performance, although I was not happy with the pressure this induced, particularly on my left ear when used for extended periods. Thinking the silicone cups may be partly to blame, I tried a medium size from another set I have, and was much relieved to find these a softer feel. The cups that come with the AC earphones just seem a little stiff and rubbery, which also makes them more difficult to take off and on when changing between sizes.

To test out the Arctic Sound E352 earphones I fired up some classic AC/DC and used in particular the Back in Black track to compare the sound to another set I recently reviewed, the Razer Moray+. While both produced clear, distortion-free mids and highs, the Arctic Sound E352 were definitely superior at hitting the low notes. I used the same set of cups, the Razer's medium fit, on both earphones during the testing due to the previously mentioned comfort issue.

I have to admit, earphones are not my favorite way of listening to music. I just don't care for something sticking in my ear, and if I absolutely have to have something there, then I'm pretty demanding that it fit comfortably. Once I changed out the ear cups I was able to withstand having them in for an extended duration. I think the sound is good, probably the best I've ever heard from a set of earphones, although I still don't think it matches the richness you can obtain from over-the-ear headphones. But obviously these are more portable and less cumbersome to use.

Arctic Cooling lists the Arctic Sound E352 on their website at a retail price of $69.95 US dollars. At the time of review I was not able to find them at any reseller sites, however I assume the "street" price will be slightly less. Compared to other high quality earphones like the Razer Moray, this price is still on the high side. However you do get a slightly better sound and the uniqueness of having the enclosures made of real wood, not plastic. If they came with softer ear cups the E352 would be a solid hit, but at least they use the same design as everyone else, and cups from just about any manufacturer should fit if you want to change them out. awards the Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 earphones our Silver Seal of Approval.

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