Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Earphones
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-02-2010
Provided by: Arctic Cooling

The Arctic Sound E352 package did not survive the trip from Arctic Cooling's production facilities in Asia to my doorstep unscathed. The shipping container was heavily damaged and the retail packaging inside also suffered some mangling, although the product itself appears to be unharmed. Keep in mind this is a review sample sent from the manufacturer, not a product purchased from a retail seller here in the USA.

The Arctic Sound E352 package consists of the earphones themselves, a nylon carry case, three different sized sets of ear cups, an Arctic Cooling case sticker and a very brief user guide. These instructions explain the importance of choosing the proper size cup to fit the user's ear, for best sound and ambient noise filtering capability. The E352 have a rated frequency response of 18Hz to 22KHz with sensitivity of 104dBmW and total output of 15mW. The cable is 1.3m or a little over four feet in length, and the earphones weigh only five grams. They carry a two year warranty from Arctic Cooling. The case is a very durable formed foam clam shell design covered with black nylon mesh and has a silver metal AC logo on top.

The wooden shell which houses the speaker internals has a dark colored stain with faint grain striations showing through. At the rear of the chassis is a small opening which provides the tuned bass reflex port. The business end of the bud is metal with a shiny chrome-like finish, covered with a silicone gray cup. The earphones come shipped with the medium size cups installed, however these can be changed out for either the small or large size. One detail notably missing is any sort of indication on the earphones as to which is the left and right speaker. While not exactly critical for listening to music, any sort of activity with positional audio effects such as FPS gaming will definitely make a difference. I had to use a balance test from my sound card utility to determine which was which.

Next I'll test out the Arctic Sound E352 and reveal my findings.

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