Arctic Cooling Accelero S1
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-28-2007
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
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Packaging/First Impressions

The cooler comes with all the necessary items in minimal, but sufficient packaging.

After some confusion with shipping and arrival date, the cooler arrived in a fairly well-shaped DHL box, and sat on my desk for a week as the school year came to a busy end. Inside the box, we find the product sitting on a foam bed, folded inside of another foam sheet. Along with the box, Arctic Cooling sent me a nice ball-point pen and an advertisement sheet boasting the features of the cooler, all of which is on the website.

Here's some close ups on the product in its original packaging. You'll note that the plastic encasement is not the type that you spend hours having a scissor fight with, only to end up with scratches all along your arm, but rather the kind that pops open nicely. All of the things inside of the box are well fitted, which made for a very successful shipment. Included in this package is: the cooler with pre-applied thermal paste, a voltage regulator sink, eight RAM-sinks, an expansion slot grill if your card didn't come taking up two slots, a manual and sticker, the necessary screws and clips and what appears to be a metal back-plate, but is never mentioned in the manual or on the website.

The manual is in various languages, and has illustrations, but isn't very specific (I'll get to that later). Looks good so far, everything is in good shape and nothing is missing; let's get this puppy running.

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