OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-20-2007
Provided by: OCZ Technology
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The instructions say to mount the cooler onto the motherboard before installing the fan mounts. I found it much easier to install the fan mounts while the cooler was still outside of the case. If you will notice, the rubber mounts have a small split and a barrel shaped end. The split goes over the third fin on each corner, and the barrel goes into the rounded recess in the radiator. Wait until the cooler is mounted onto the motherboard to install the fan itself.

Install the mounting hardware. I will be using the LGA 775 hardware. Simply screw the mounts down onto the base with the included screws. If you notice, I have the fan mounted already; I had to remove it to install the cooler onto the motherboard.

If this is a replacement, remove the old cooler and clean the CPU. I used 91% isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter. Use Goof-off or Oops if the thermal goop is particularly tough, then follow up with isopropyl alcohol.

I'm sorry, I do not like the LGA 775 mounting system. I thought I was never going to get one of the pins released from the motherboard. I guess I should mention that I haven't had that problem with any of the aftermarket coolers I have used, just the stock Intel cooler.

If this is a new build, clean the CPU with alcohol and a coffee filter to ensure there are no impurities or fingerprints on the heat spreader surface.

Remove the protective plastic and clean the cooler base with alcohol and a coffee filter. Apply thermal compound as recommended by the manufacturer. I will be using Arctic Silver 5. I found later that when applying AS5 per the instructions for the Core 2 Quad, the small space between the heatpipe and the aluminum base prevents proper spreading of the compound.

NOTE FOR USE OF AS5 WITH INTEL CORE 2 QUAD PROCESSORS* The configuration of the base prevents proper spreading of Arctic Silver 5 when following the AS instructions for the Core 2 Quad. I tried both a thick line perpendicular to AS instructions, and also tried spreading the compound. Both worked fine as far as temps went.

Carefully place the cooler on the CPU surface with the fan side of the radiator towards the front of the computer case, pins lined up with the mounting holes on the motherboard. Gently move the cooler slightly clockwise and counterclockwise to get possible bubbles out of the thermal compound.

Press two diagonally opposed pins into the mounting holes at the same time until they click. WARNING* Do not press only one pin at a time as you may damage your CPU or motherboard. Press the two remaining pins until they click. Check to make sure all four pins are locked into the motherboard. Plug the power connector into the motherboard CPU Fan bus.

Ensure that the fan is blowing towards the rear of the computer. There are arrows on the side of the fan denoting direction. Mount the fan onto the four rubber mounting pins by inserting the pin through the fan screw hole and pull the pin until the fan locks against the radiator. The bottom two were a little tough, but not too bad.

Check one last time that all pins are locked, fan is mounted and power plugged in. That's it.

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