SilverStone PS05 Midtower Case
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-05-2010
Provided by: SilverStone
A look inside

Opening the case I found a few surprising elements. The interior is fully painted with the same black color as the outside. Normally in budget cases this is left an unpainted gray color. Interior paint gives a nice professional finished look like that of a higher end case. It is probably not needed as there is no side panel window, however it gives a quality feel to the case. Included with the case is a small bag of screws and a couple of standoffs.

Another surprising feature is the large motherboard tray cutout. More manufacturers are starting to include this, but it is nice to see in a budget case. This makes it much easier to install / remove aftermarket CPU coolers later without having to remove the motherboard. The access panel ultimately didn't line up with the back of my board perfectly, but of course each user's board and mileage will vary.

Another look at the top shows the included dust filter.

The hard drive bays also held a surprise for me – the instructions don't mention anything beyond how to install the 3.5” drives, but the screw holes on the bottom line up with 2.5” drives perfectly. It is nice to see some forward thinking and accommodations for SSDs. The rear of the internal drive bays face the side of the case making it easy to unplug and swap as needed. They aren't hot-swap bays, but I haven't ever really worried about those.

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