Arctic M571 Budget Gaming Mouse
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-16-2010
Provided by: Arctic Cooling
Testing and Conclusions

Normally at this point we would take a look at the included software bundle, but there is no software for the M571 - it's truly plug and play. This is nice in that you don't have to spend time configuring the software and setting up a ton of macro buttons, but also a bit restrictive in that you can't fine-tune the mouse to your exact liking. For example, you are stuck with the preset DPI settings and button mapping that Arctic Cooling has selected for you.

I tested this mouse for a few days before writing the review, although I stuck with the conclusions I came up with in the first hour of use. This is a solid offering from Arctic Cooling at a reasonable price for the options. The MSRP is $29.95, so your favorite site should have it around that price. It's not a high end gaming mouse and fortunately it isn't priced as such either.

I particularly liked the back and forth thumb buttons. They worked well and I didnít accidentally hit them very often at all like I thought I would. The DPI settings took a while to get used to. Cranking it up to max right away provided a lot of on-screen movement with very little hand movement - something I'm not used to with my basic laser mouse. I eventually adjusted to this, but it takes some time to adapt. Those who use adjustable DPI mice already shouldn't have this issue. After some time, I found the medium setting of 1600dpi quite nice while gaming.

I didnít much care for the ergonomic feel of the mouse though, but I did eventually get used to it. To me it felt like I had to twist the mouse to the right more than I cared for and it certainly wouldnít work well for the lefties out there. That is more of a personal preference though than any deficiency of design.

All told the mouse is well constructed and a solid product at a reasonable price. I certainly would recommend it to gamers out there who really want a mouse that offers some flexible features at a low price. So on that note, awards the Arctic M571 Gaming Mouse our Gold Seal of Approval for budget-conscious consumers.

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