Leadtek WinFast 7900GS TDH Video Card
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-10-2007
Provided by: Geeks.com
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Here are the specifications from Leadtek's website:

GPU NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS
Graphics Bus PCI Express
Memory size 256MB DDR3
GPU/Memory clock 450/660MHz
Memory data rate 1320MHz
Output Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDTV
Memory Interface 256-bit
Data bandwidth( GB/sec.) 42.2
Fill Rate(billion texels/sec) 9
Vertices/sec (million) 822.2
Pixels per clock (peak) 20
RAMDACs (MHz) 400
Process Technology 90nm
CineFX 4.0 Engine
Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
Intellisample 4.0 Technology HCT
nView Multi-display Technology
Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0
Microsoft® DirectX®9.0c Optimizations and Support
OpenGL® 2.0 Optimizations and Support
Package contents WinFast PX7900GS TDH graphic card
General guide
Quick installation guide
Driver & Utilities CD-ROM
DVI to VGA converter
HDTV cable
System Requirements Window XP ,2000
A PCI Express compliant motherboard with full-height free slot
A PCI Express supplementary power connector
Installation software requires CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
VGA or DVI compatible monitor
A minimum recommended 350W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 20A).
Adapter/Cable Bundled HDTV Cable x 1
DVI-to-VGA Adaptor x 1
6-pin Power Cable x 1
Software Bundled WinFast Graphics Driver CD (w/ WinFox II) x 1
Power DVD 6.0 x 1
Trackmania Nations - Special Edition (or Serious Sam II) x 1
SpellForce2 x 1
* The bundled adapter, cable and software information on this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

The Leadtek 7900GS has an interesting looking fan. Let's hope it isn't terribly loud. I'm sure that I will replace it to do some overclocking, but I'm going to use the stock fan and cooler for the initial tests. Leadtek used two DVI connectors along with an S-video connector on the card. Today, that is pretty much the standard. The 7900GS is a little longer than the 7600GT I am replacing. Hopefully, it won't cause any installation problems.

As far as the goodies that come with Leadtek's 7900GS, we get a HDTV cable, a PCI-E power adapter, a DVI to VGA adapter, an installation manual, a quick start manual and a driver CD. Bundled with the 7900GS is Serious Sam II, Spellforce 2, and Cyberlink's PowerDVD and Orb. They undoubtedly will join the other unused bundled CDs that I have kept for some reason.

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