22-Inch HP Debranded DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 10-26-2008
Provided by: Geeks

I can remember the very first LCD monitor I ever used, a 17" Solarism. While I welcomed the fact that LCD technology saved me a ton of desk space over a standard 17" CRT monitor, LCDs were still in their infancy and with a price tag of over $800 along with a lackluster feature set, most users opted to play the waiting game as prices would no doubt drop over time.

As all early adopters know, prices always drop and as we know today, the CRT monitor has been completely replaced by the LCD. Now that LCDs are reasonably priced and the technology has had time to mature, the only question that remains is which one should you choose?

Most store-bought PCs come bundled with a 19" screen, but if you are looking for something a bit larger, 22" widescreen monitors currently offer the best bang for your buck. Those looking for an even better deal will certainly want to check out what we have for review today, a 22" HP Debranded DVI Widescreen LCD from Geeks.com

What exactly is a debranded monitor and why should you be interested? A debranded monitor (or any electronic item) has had its logo(s) either removed or covered up with other generic logos in order to sell the item at a clearance price but not give the impression that said brand is being sold at a discount. This particular unit is listed as refurbished (pre-owned) so it sells at an even lower price. It comes with a 90 day warranty and the standard eight dot defect policy that nearly every monitor carries. Below is a complete list of specifications, borrowed from Geeks.com

Continue ahead as we see if this 22" debranded LCD monitor offers any true value...

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