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OtterBox Commuter and Defender for iPhone 5 01-21-2013

OtterBox has traditionally sent over retail boxed versions of their cases for evaluation but this time around, we received a special "complementary sample" box that contained two different cases. It's worth pointing out that the actual cases are identical to what you'd buy at your local store - the only difference here is the packaging.

OtterBox Reflex Series for iPhone 4 04-26-2011

We have looked at over half a dozen OtterBox mobile phone cases here at, dating all the way back to 2006 with the OtterBox 1920 Palm Treo Case. Although product lines and phones have changed over the years, the one constant with OtterBox has been their uni-body design and multiple layers of protection. That is all about to change with the newest creation from OtterBox, the Reflex Series Case.

SGP Ultra Slider Crystal Series iPhone 4 Case 10-25-2010

The iPhone has been a mega hit for Apple and has brought them back to relevance in the eyes of millions. Since its June 2007 launch date, Apple has been hard at work to put an iPhone in the hands of consumers worldwide and earning a nice chunk of the market share in the process. The obvious winners here are Apple and AT&T, but the overwhelming success of the iPhone also means big business for aftermarket case manufacturers. Names like OtterBox and Griffin are among the pack leaders but there are hundreds of other less known manufacturers bringing their products to market.

OtterBox Commuter and Defender Cases for iPhone 4 09-09-2010

Over the past few weeks I have been to a rock concert and a college football game and on both occasions, I noticed several people using OtterBox cases for their iPhones. Their popularity has skyrocketed recently thanks to a deal with AT&T who now sells OtterBox cases in many of their retail stores. Today I will be taking a look at two new OtterBox cases for the recently released iPhone 4, the Defender and Commuter series.

OtterBox Commuter / TL Cases for iPhone 3G / 3GS 12-11-2009

Today I will be taking a look at two new iPhone 3G / 3GS cases from OtterBox, the Commuter and Commuter TL. Unlike the Armor and Defender series that we have previously looked at, the new Commuter series takes a less rugged approach at protecting your iPhone. Gone are the water / dust / sand / drop-proof claims that put OtterBox on the map. The cases we have for review today are aimed at users who want to protect their iPhone from everyday use yet still maintain a classy and sleek handset. Can OtterBox deliver to this market or should they simply stick to rugged gear? Read on to find out!

H1-Touch Mobile Holder 11-10-2009

All it takes is one idea to make millions. That is the first thing that came to mind when I opened the package from Luxa2 containing today's review item, the H1-Touch Mobile Holder. True to it's name, this product does one thing and one thing only: holds your mobile device. Developed by Luxa2 (a division of Thermaltake), the H1-Touch was designed with Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch in mind but seemingly could be used to hold most any handset. Priced at $50 at a popular online reseller, one has to question whether the H1-Touch offers any tangible benefits or if it's simply an overpriced novelty item.

Mophie Juice Pack Air 07-19-2009

I was one of the million or so consumers that purchased Apple's new iPhone 3GS on launch weekend last month. Besides the nice increase in overall speed, one of the first things I noticed was the seemingly poor battery life compared to my 1st generation iPhone. I was able to squeeze almost two full days of use out of the original iPhone, whereas the new 3GS struggled to make it through a single day of casual use. I also knew that I would need a new case for the phone, as my old one wouldn't fit the new, slightly different exterior.

OtterBox iPhone Armor Case with Waterproof Headphones 07-01-2008

OtterBox has been around since 1996, catering to the "klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle". Whether you are into hiking, biking, camping, skiing, swimming or any other outdoor activity, OtterBox likely has a product that will allow you to safely bring your electronic gadgets along for the ride. Today I will be taking a look at the OtterBox Armor Case for the iPhone, the more rugged alternative to the Defender Case that we reviewed earlier this year. Unlike the Defender series, the Armor series is fully waterproof up to 3 feet, and OtterBox even included a set of Waterproof Headphones for us to try out.

iPhone Ultra Clear Screen Protector 03-09-2008

Protecting our investments is a top priority for most people. This is why we have insurance on many of the expensive / priceless things in life, such as our cars, homes and even our lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to the iPhone, Apple / AT&T see things differently and thus, customers are not given the option to insure their phone against accidental damage.

USB AAA Battery Charger with iPhone Package 03-04-2008

Included in the retail package is the charger itself, a spare battery container, USB cable and an instruction manual. The iPod / iPhone kit was packaged separately and simply consists of a retractable cable with a USB port on one end and an iPod / iPhone port on the other end. The cable extends and has a locking mechanism, so you can pull the cable to the desired length without it winding back up.

iSkin revo & revoClip for Apple iPhone 02-18-2008

Today we will be looking at an iPhone case from iSkin, the revo and revoClip. The revo offers users a nice mix of standard features, such as all-around surface protection with a durable silicone exterior, but also brings to the table a few innovative features that we haven't seen on other cases, like the embedded anti-microbial protection and privacy film. With features like this, the iSkin revo is sure to attract some attention, but is it really worth your hard-earned money?

iPhone Portable Power Station 02-10-2008

If only there was a portable power source specifically for the iPhone user... which is where today's product comes into play, the iPhone Portable Power Station. The iPhone Portable Power Station is a phone case and external power source in one, boasting some pretty neat features on top of all of this.

Otterbox for iPhone Defender Series 02-02-2008

OtterBox must have heard similar reactions from others, as they now have two distinct lines of cases for your valued electronics: The Armor Series, which is rugged to the extreme, and the Defender Series, labeled as "semi-rugged". Today we will be looking at the latter, in the OtterBox for iPhone Defender Series.

Mobi Products iPhone Skin Case 10-02-2007

Moral of the story: protect your investment! When I recently purchased my iPhone, one of the first things I did afterwards was hit the net in search of a case. I ended up selecting Mobi Products iPhone Skin Case. So, did I make a good choice? Continue on to find out.

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