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Zalman VF3000A VGA Cooler 10-21-2010

Video card operating temperatures continue to be some of the hottest of any component in the computer. It's not uncommon for core GPU temps to reach 70°C, 80°C sometimes even 90°C under load, well beyond what's considered safe for most desktop CPU processors. Unfortunately in many instances the factory style coolers sacrifice noise and efficiency in order to conform to fixed size requirements, a necessary consideration for some case dimensions and particularly in multi-card configurations. Fortunately there are a host of aftermarket cooler manufacturers available who offer products that surpass the stock heatsink capabilities. The Zalman cooler we have for review today is one of their latest graphics card designs, the VF3000.

Thermalright T-Rad² GTX VGA Cooler 10-01-2009

While the Thermalright HR-03 series are certainly great VGA coolers, they are also quite large and take up a good bit of space. Depending on the size of your CPU cooler, other motherboard components and how much space there is in your PC case, you may run into interference issues using the HR-03, especially in SLI or Crossfire. So in response to this Thermalright developed the T-Rad² specifically aimed at supporting multi-card configurations. With its slim 25mm height the T-Rad² offers the same nickel-plated copper heatpipe and aluminum fin cooling as the HR-03 series, but in a much thinner package. The T-Rad² GTX continues support for nVidia 8800/9800 and ATI 3800/4800 cards while adding the nVidia GT200 55nm core cards to the compatibility list.

Thermalright HR-03 GTX 12-16-2008

It was nearly a year ago when we reviewed the HR-03 GT from Thermalright. At the time, the GT represented Thermalright's latest and greatest video card heatsink, made to cool the latest and greatest offerings from nVidia and ATI, namely the GeForce 8800/9800 G92's and the Radeon 3850/3870 RV670's. Then in June/July nVidia and ATI released new flagship cards based off the GT200 and RV770 cores. However, aside from some early water block releases there wouldn't be an aftermarket cooling option for the GTX for months to come. But Thermalright was not willing to let their loyal fans down, and based on customer demand they have developed the all-new HR-03 GTX cooler. This represents the first and only aftermarket air cooler for the GT200 series cards that I am aware of.

Rosewill RCX-V100 VGA Cooler 08-29-2008

Rosewill is the brand-name associated with the reseller Like Costco’s Kirkland, Newegg uses Rosewill to sell competition products at cheaper prices than the big names that they already sell because they don’t have to play the middle man of reselling, they are selling factory direct. Recently, Rosewill has put together their latest aftermarket GPU cooler, the RCX-V100, which we have for review today. Because companies like Rosewill sell a wide variety of products, they are not always associated with the best of quality. Especially in a market like cooling, where companies have become extremely specialized, many people won’t trust a generic name like Rosewill. Can it stand up to the test, though? We’ll find out.

Thermalright HR-03 GT VGA Cooler 01-07-2008

Thermalright has combined the wrap-around design of the original V1 cooler with their through-hole technology from the HR series and produced the HR-03 VGA cooler. There are several versions of this cooler, the HR-03 GT represents the latest edition, compatible with the newest nVidia G92 (8800 GT/GTS) and ATI RV670 (HD38x0) cards.

Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler 12-18-2007

For several months, the only aftermarket VGA cooler that I could find for my 8800GTX was the Thermalright HR-03 Plus. I reviewed this cooler back in April, and while it did offer excellent performance, it sacrificed precious expansion slots to accomplish this. Fast-forward eight months to present day and we have another new VGA cooler to test with the 8800GTX, the Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler.

Zalman VF-1000LED Graphics Card Cooler 11-04-2007

Once again, Zalman has created an excellent product that does exactly what it is supposed to do and more. The VF-1000LED is a video card cooler that provides excellent cooling in silence. It is quite beautiful, if you like copper, with its large expanse of fins and heatpipes. At fan levels low enough to be inaudible, it dropped my load temps more than 30C under the stock cooler.

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1/S2 Turbo Module 09-09-2007

Back in June, I reviewed the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 video card cooler. Though entirely passive, it blew the stock cooler out of the water. People have been raving on and on about this cooler in reviews, and it seemed like it just couldn’t get any better… until Arctic Cooling put out the Turbo Module, an addition to the S1 and S2 coolers.

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 06-28-2007

Today I'm trying out Arctic Cooling's Accelero S1, a passive VGA cooler, on my ATi Radeon X1900XTX 512MB card. Two of the major issues with this video card are its hot, hot temperatures and its loud fan, so I'm excited to see how this will perform and help remedy these issues. Introduced April 24th of this year and scheduled to arrive in stores in the coming few days, the Accelero S1 relies on negative air pressure created by other case fans to suck outside air through the expansion slot across its fins.

Thermalright HR03 Plus 04-29-2007

Those looking for some extreme cooling/overclocking are certainly in store for a treat. With a high performance cooling fan, I was able to obtain some of the best temperatures I have seen on an 8800 GTX card to date - even better than what most watercooling options can offer. When it comes to overclocking, I was able to push the 8800 GTX well beyond the previous 650 MHz barrier with stock cooling.

Cooler Master CoolViva Pro 03-19-2007

The CoolViva features a copper base with three copper heatpipes that run the length (top to bottom) of the heatsink. The pipes cross through aluminum fins to dissipate heat. The radial fan forces air through the fins by blowing air from front to back and then out through the rear of the case using the vented riser plate.

Zalman VF-900-Cu VGA Cooler 03-23-2006

With more fin density and now 2 full circumference heatpipes, the 9 expands upon an already good design, and still maintains a low profile without resorting to taking up space on both sides of the card. Just one look at this cooler and you know Zalman has done their homework.

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