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Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 Socket 1151 Motherboard 01-12-2016

With the introduction of the Intel Z170 chipset, we see a number of changes from the previous Z97 and several improvements. First and foremost is a new socket specification for the CPU, the 1151. Although not compatible with previous socket interfaces as far as the CPU is concerned, the overall dimensions are nearly identical, allowing for interchangeability with other 1150/1155/1156 compatible coolers. Another change is the switch to DDR4 memory. The DMI version 3.0 grants a greater number of PCI-E lanes between CPU and chipset, allowing manufacturers to implement more M.2 or SATA Express, as well as more USB 3.0 ports. For our Skylake build, Gigabyte has sent over their Z170X-UD5 motherboard.

Gigabyte Z97X-SLI Motherboard 04-13-2015

The Gigabyte Z97X-SLI is an SLI-capable motherboard priced very attractively for budget gamers. Due to licensing models with Nvidia, not all chipsets and boards are available to support SLI. Additionally, the board will support CrossFire natively as all Z97 boards do. This model also features high-end ALC1150 115dB SNR audio, a high quality headphone amplifier and a dedicated audio hardware zone to protect from interference. Intel Gigabit LAN, all solid caps and a new heatsink design round out the feature list.

Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 AMD FM2+ Motherboard 02-19-2014

The F2A88X-UP4 fills a spot in Gigabyte's lineup of FM2+ boards that is at the upper echelon, just shy of the top G1.Sniper gaming platform. It features Gigabyte's newest Ultra Durable 5 Plus component design, utilizing IR Digital PWM Controllers and PowlRstage IC's. Cooling these components is Gigabyte's integrated three-way heatpipe heatsink design. Also included is Gigabyte's DualBIOS, Two-way CrossFire, 2x Copper PCB and onboard debug LED and quick buttons.

Gigabyte Z87X-D3H LGA1150 Motherboard 09-29-2013

With Intel's 7-series chipset a little over a year old, the latest 8-series offers only a few minor improvements. There's some power savings to be had, along with more built-in ports for USB 3.0 and 6Gb/s SATA. Other than that, there's not much to distinguish from the previous 1155 socket generation. The motherboard we have for review today comes to us from Gigabyte in the form of their Z87X-D3H. They offer no less than fifteen different Z87 based chipset motherboards, everything from mini-ITX boards with onboard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to their top-of-the-line G1 Sniper gaming motherboards, and the D3H falls somewhere in the middle.

Gigabyte X79-UD3 Motherboard 03-17-2012

Today we will be looking at an X79 motherboard from Gigabyte, the GA-X79-UD3. The UD3 represents Gigabyte's entry level model on the X79 platform but if processor price didn't already tip you off, LGA 2011 is an all-around expensive platform. For example, pricing on this entry-level board starts around $250 - more along the lines of what you'd expect to pay for a premium P67 board.

ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard 02-13-2012

Today we are taking a look at a board from the latter series, the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme, a P67 B3 Revision board that throws caution to the wind by including virtually every bell and whistle one could desire. This board is specifically designed for Intel 2nd Generation Core CPU overclocking and supports Nvidia SLI and ATI CrossFire X multi-GPU configurations in addition to a treasure trove of ROG-specific features and applications.

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe Motherboard 12-02-2011

After my recent review of the impressive ASUS Sabertooth P67 board, I was wondering what ASUS could have in store for us next. Intel released their Z68 chipset not too long ago and ASUS is certainly on schedule with their Z68 lineup. There is a lot to choose from with 10 different Z68 offerings from the company. Today we are going to take a look at the ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe, second in line only to the Maximus IV Extreme-Z as ASUS' top Z68 motherboard.

ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard 11-17-2011

TUF series boards in general all have three key elements: I/O connectivity, component quality and reliability / cooling technology. ASUS uses military-grade components on TUF boards and as such, this product line features a five year warranty and goes through a different internal validation test compared to standard boards. But it's the cooling aspect, a cover over the entire board known as Thermal Armor, that I'm most excited about.

Gigabyte Z68XP-UD5 Motherboard 10-19-2011

That said, today I will be checking out another Z68 board in the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD5, a premium Z68 offering that retails for almost $100 more than the MSI mainboard. This time around, in addition to our standard review analysis, we will be comparing benchmarks between the two boards and against a P67 system to see the performance improvement that Intel's latest chipset brings to the table.

ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard 10-16-2011

When we reviewed the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX motherboard several weeks ago, the planned launch date for AMD's new AM3+ compatible Bulldozer chips was September 19th. Finally on October 12th the chips began popping into online inventories everywhere. Unfortunately a slew of reviews published that same day gave the FX series Zambezi chips scathing remarks. Despite lackluster performance from the new FX processors, AM3+ does still have some benefits to offer AMD users, particularly if you're still on an older AM2+ board or utilizing nVidia SLI. If a $200 motherboard isn't in your budget, the ASUS M5A99X EVO we have for review today may be just your cup of tea.

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Motherboard 09-15-2011

Today we will be testing out the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5. Based on the latest AM3+ architecture and featuring the top-end 990FX chipset and SB950 southbridge combo, this board offers a mid-grade enthusiast platform with an emphasis on robust build quality and rich feature sets. The Gigabyte 990FXA series is also available in UD3 and UD7 models, the main difference among the three being the number of supported graphics cards.

ASUS P6X58E-Pro X58 Motherboard 09-05-2011

The P6X58-E Pro is ASUSí next iteration of their popular Intel X58 based motherboard. This board supports the Core i7 LGA1366 CPU (up to 6 cores) with DDR3 memory up to 48GB. 3-way SLI/Quad GPU CrossfireX is available and ASUS was kind enough to include both the 2-way and 3-way bridges. The board is currently being sold for about $250 which puts it on par with most performance X58-based motherboards from other manufacturers. As a current happy owner of the previous version of this board, the P6X58-D, I am quite excited to see what improvements ASUS has made to this already very solid performance-based platform.

MSI Z68A-GD65 G3 Motherboard 08-26-2011

A few months later in May Intel launched an updated Sandy Bridge chipset called Z68 which essentially takes the best features of the P67 and H67 and combines them into one. With a Z68 board, users can overclock the CPU and use the integrated Intel HD graphics. Previously, if you wanted to overclock, you had to buy a P67 board and you had to use a discrete graphics card. If you wanted to use the integrated graphics, you needed an H67 board but then you couldn't overclock the CPU. In addition to these combined features, Z68 also introduces a new feature called Smart Response Technology (SRT) which uses a solid state drive to cache data from a traditional spinning hard drive.

ASUS Sabertooth AMD 990FX Motherboard 08-23-2011

There are a wide array of motherboard manufacturers cranking out AM3+ boards, with chipsets ranging from the venerable 760G up through the gamut of 800 series. Of course AMD has also refreshed its chipset naming to match the new CPUs, and motherboards based on the 970, 990X and top dog 990FX are also available. It's two of these 900 series of boards that ASUS has sent over for review; the one we will be focusing on today is the Sabertooth 990FX.

Gigabyte H67A-UD3H ATX Motherboard 05-02-2011

The majority of users that select an H67-equipped board do so to take advantage of Intel HD graphics built into Sandy Bridge processors and thus, won't be using a high-end graphics card or really any other add-in cards. Builds where a Micro ATX board would be suitable include home theater PCs and small form factor builds where a small footprint is needed. A quick check at Newegg revealed only three full size ATX H67 boards, one of them being the board we are taking a look at today, the Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H.

Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Mini ITX Motherboard / CPU Combo 04-17-2011

After being in development since 2006, AMD was finally able to debut their Fusion APU at the 2011 CES. If you havenít been keeping up with processing technology as of late, APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit and is AMDís CPU + GPU combo chip. Today we are going to be taking a look at a motherboard / APU combo from Gigabyte, the GA-E350N-USB3. The E350N utilizes the Brazos platform and more specifically, the Zacate APU which features a dual-core Bobcat CPU operating at 1.6 GHz and AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics.

MSI P67A-GD80 Socket 1155 Motherboard 03-31-2011

Intel's Sandy Bridge platform got off to a strong start at the 2011 CES earlier this year before an issue with the P67 chipset sidelined motherboard production for several weeks. The chipset design error wasn't catastrophic by any means and likely wouldn't cause any issues for years to come, but it certainly needed to be corrected regardless. Board manufacturers worked with Intel to replace "bad" boards with those featuring the revised B3 chipset and business is pretty much back to normal at this point.

ASUS P8P67 EVO Motherboard 01-31-2011

In the short time since Intel released Sandy Bridge earlier this month, we have seen multiple new boards supporting all-new features from several different manufacturers. ASUS were among the first to launch with Intel, offering several different P67 / H67 motherboards to cover every segment of the market. Today we will be taking a look at the P8P67 EVO, one of nine new P67 Express motherboards from the Taiwan industry giant.

MSI P67A-GD65 Socket 1155 Motherboard 01-07-2011

The P67A-GD65 is one of nine new MSI boards supporting Sandy Bridge. Breaking it down further, the GD65 is the flagship board in the "performance" segment alongside the GD55, both of which are ATX form factor. The Performance segment is bested only by the gaming class which features the P67A-GD80 and the insanely ridiculous Big Bang Marshall that features a whopping eight PCIe x16 slots!

ECS P67H2-A2 Socket 1155 Motherboard Preview 01-01-2011

Motherboards supporting the new LGA 1155 Socket are starting to appear online such as the ECS P67H2-A2 we have on hand today. Although we can't share any performance numbers just yet, we can take a detailed look at the P67H2-A2's features and layout, one of four new Black Series boards that ECS will be launching based on the P67 chipset.

Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX Motherboard 12-27-2010

What a lot of people don't realize, however, is that if you can get by with just a single PCIe x16 expansion slot, a Mini-ITX system can pack one heck of a punch given the right motherboard and supporting hardware. Today we are going to be taking a look at Gigabyte's GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX motherboard which supports Intel's 2010 Core Processor Family based on Socket 1156.

ASUS P6X58D-E X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard 12-06-2010

As of writing, Socket 1366 is still Intelís top performer, and with support for triple channel memory and Gulftown, that wonít change with early Sandy Bridge offerings. After all, Sandy Bridge is a mainstream release that isnít aimed at high-end enthusiasts. That said, if you want the fastest system currently available and you want it right now, Socket 1366 is where itís at. Based on Intelís X58 chipset, Socket 1366 was released in late 2008 and has seen continued support from both Intel and board manufacturers ever since. Today we will be taking a look at an X58 board from ASUS, the P6X58D-E.

Biostar A880G+ AMD Motherboard 11-10-2010

We have tested several new 800-series AMD motherboards this year which were fairly high-end. Obviously however not everyone has or wants to spend $100+ on a motherboard, or is just looking for something basic that supports the latest AM3 processors but without all the other bells and whistles. Today we have an inexpensive 880G chipset board to review, the Biostar A880G+ from Computer Geeks. Featuring a new color scheme and offering nearly the same amount of features as their T-Series equivalent, Biostar's latest standard class offering brings AMD performance to the masses.

MSI 870A Fuzion Motherboard 09-13-2010

At CES 2010, MSI demonstrated their Big Bang Fuzion, a high-end Intel motherboard featuring Lucid's HydraLogix 200 chipset. Today MSI brings us the same technology in a much more cost-friendly package, the AMD-based 870A Fuzion. Coming in price-wise between most 890GX and 890FX models, the 870A Fuzion offers MSI's high-end features like Military-Class components, Auto OC Genie and Unlock CPU Core, along with current SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3 standards, with true cross-vendor, asymmetrical video processing support thanks to the HydraLogix 200 chipset.

ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 Motherboard 08-23-2010

Today I have for review the ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 motherboard, which uses the AMD 880G chipset. An extremely close cousin to the 890GX, the 880G also utilizes the RS880 graphics, with a slightly lower 560MHz core frequency and the same 128Mb DDR3-1333 SidePort memory, giving it an HD4250 rating. Of course the same video features are passed down as well, including CrossFireX support, although the 880G utilizes a 16x/4x slot configuration rather than the 890GX 8x/8x layout. The SB850 Southbridge and NEC 720200F1 chip give the M4A88TD-V the same benefits as the 890GX also, namely SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0 support.

MSI Big Bang XPower Intel X58 Motherboard 07-26-2010

Micro Star International, better known as MSI, should need no introduction. They have been around for nearly 25 years building high quality motherboards, video cards, and other PC related products. Their motherboards rank right up there with the ďhousehold nameĒ companies. Today I will be looking at MSIís latest X58 motherboard, the Big Bang XPower. Sporting USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s, this board also has some construction features that probably make it the best-built X58 board on the market, and has all of the niceties found on MSIís other Big Bang gaming boards. Will the XPower satisfy? Read on to see!

MSI 890FXA-GD70 AM3 Motherboard 07-16-2010

It was a few months ago that we reviewed the MSI 890GXM-G65 micro-ATX AM3 motherboard, and while the 890GX was the first of AMD's newest chipsets to be released this year, it was far from the last. The latest to join the 800-series lineup are the 880G and 870 mainstream boards, as well as the flagship 890FX. MSI's implementation of the 890FX chipset offers many of the same features that the 890GXM does, such as their Heatpipe Thermal Design, Military Class Components, OC Genie Technology, 140W CPU Support and Active Phase Switching for better power efficiency. Even so, they've reserved a few special features just for their flagship model, like DrMOS for superior power handling capability, improved Military Class Components, Unlock CPU Core support, Real Time OC Dial and Winki, a Linux-based instant-on OS.

ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe Intel P55 LGA 1156 Motherboard 04-25-2010

ASUS had a huge setup at CES, displaying both consumer electronics such as laptops and netbooks as well as individual components like graphics cards and motherboards. We were naturally more interested in the component side of things and were given a full tour of their new and upcoming products. One of the motherboards we looked at was the P7P55D-E Premium, a P55 Express chipset board with a wealth of features including SATA 6.0 Gb/s support. Today we will be looking at the Deluxe version of this board that includes native USB 3.0 support as well as a few other differences.

MSI 890GXM-G65 AMD Motherboard 03-17-2010

Although AMD's latest chipset the 890GX, codename RS880D, is very similar to last year's 785G - RS880, the most striking improvement is the addition of a new southbridge, the SB850. Supporting USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0, the SB850 opens up much needed additional bandwidth for faster external accessories and solid state drives. While many 890GX boards utilize a full size ATX format, MSI's initial offering is the 890GXM-G65, a microATX style. The 890GX offers integrated graphics, using the RV620 graphics core, which supports DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 and a host of video decoding and acceleration formats. CrossFire is supported but the 16 available lanes must be split into a dual 8X configuration. Hybrid CrossFire is also available, allowing use of a HD5450 discrete video card to be paired with the onboard for up to a 25% improvement in gaming performance.

EVGA H55 Motherboard 02-15-2010

Today we will be taking a look at the latter, a full size ATX board based on the H55 chipset from EVGA, aptly dubbed the EVGA H55, part number: 123-CD-E635-KR. Aside from being a full size board, EVGAís offering brings some innovative features to the table, such as dual heatsink mounting support which allows you to mount either a Socket 775 or Socket 1156 heatsink and EZ voltage read points which allow you to quickly and easily check the voltages of your system with a voltmeter directly from the motherboard. Continue ahead as we take an in-depth look at the EVGA H55 Motherboard.

ECS A785GM-AD3 Black Series Motherboard 02-11-2010

By the middle of Q1 2009 AMD began releasing new AM3 based processors with integrated DDR3 memory controller, and a revised 785G chipset with new SB710 Southbridge soon followed. ECS joined the fray with their A780GM-M and A780GM-M7 micro-ATX motherboards, and just as they did previously with the AM2+ A780GM-A Ultra, they have followed these with an upscale, full size ATX A785GM-AD3 Black Series. Sharing many of the same features as the rest of their Black Series boards, the A785GM-AD3 offers solid caps, gold plated CPU and RAM contacts, Special ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) and support for AMD OverDrive or traditional overclocking via M.I.B. II BIOS tweaking utility.

ECS A780GM-A Ultra AMD 780G+SB750 Motherboard 12-22-2008

AMD released the 780G IGP chipset earlier this year, with its highly-acclaimed onboard HD3200 graphics and an emphasis on multimedia and casual gaming. While originally paired with the SB700 southbridge, the new SB750 began showing up on 790FX/GX boards in mid-summer, and has by now begun to filter down to some of the lower end chipsets such as this one, the A780GM-A Ultra from ECS. One new feature of the SB750 is support for AMD's Advanced Clock Control, which is supposed to help achieve higher and more stable overclocks. ECS completes the A780GM-A Ultra with AMD OverDrive capability, solid caps, integrated VRM heatsink and support for up to 160W for the CPU.

J&W RS780UVD-AM2+ mATX Motherboard 08-20-2008

J&W Technology is a name I was not familiar with, however they have been around since 1994 and currently sell 450,000 units monthly. Until just recently they have not had any distributors outside of Europe, Asia and Australia, however recently a few of their products have popped up on North American e-tailer sites like Today I have for review their JW-RS780UVD-AM2+ motherboard. This is a micro ATX board utilizing the AMD 780G chipset, features the latest HT 3.0 and PCIe 2.0, support for DDR2-1066 memory, onboard Radeon 3200 DX10 graphics with 64Mb SidePort memory, and HDMI and HDCP ready.

Biostar TF8200 A2+ Motherboard 06-07-2008

Today I have for review a new motherboard model from Biostar, the TF8200 A2+. This board is part of Biostar's TForce lineup, which are upscale versions of their regular motherboard series, featuring better components and more options for enthusiasts and overclockers. The TF8200 A2+ uses the GeForce 8200 design, part of nVidia's most recent release of 8000 and 700 series chipsets for AMD.

Biostar TForce 6100 Motherboard 06-13-2006

Enter the Biostar TForce 6100. Although not normally a make I would consider when choosing a motherboard, the features this board offered really caught my attention, and the advertised overclock-friendly TForce (as opposed to the more standard 6100-M7) reeled me in. Biostar offers this board in Socket 754, 939 and AM2 flavors, and in order to keep costs down I chose to go with a Sempron 64 2500+ in 754 format.

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