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Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM DVI / HDMI 24-in LCD Monitor 06-06-2010

If you are frugal like myself, spending money on anything that isn't a necessity to life can be a task. One way I have recently discovered to offset this ouch moment is to buy used products, also known as refurbished or re-certified in the tech industry. Millions of people buy and sell used goods on sites like eBay and Craigslist every day. Why take the hefty financial hit on something that is going to drop in value rather quickly when you can pick up a slightly used model and save a substantial amount of money? Often times these refurbished or re-certified items might just be missing a manual or a cable and never made it out of the factory and thus, are still new. Furthermore, depending on where you buy a refurbished item from, a warranty may still accompany the item as is the case with today's display we have for review, the Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM DVI / HDMI 24" LCD Monitor.

24-Inch HP Debranded HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 03-15-2009

Anyone that spends a lot of time in front of a computer monitor, whether for business or pleasure, knows that productivity is directly related to how much screen space you have at your disposal. Having several windows and programs open and visible at one time can save you a lot of time. Up until recently, if you really wanted a lot of desktop real estate, but didn't want to spend a small fortune to get it, the most economical choice was to run dual monitors. Now that LCD monitor prices have dropped substantially in price, however, many can now afford to upgrade to a larger monitor without breaking the bank. Such is the case with today's review sample, the 24" HP Debranded HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor.

Envision G218a1 22 in. Widescreen Monitor 12-07-2008

We have for review today Envision’s G218a1 Professional Series 22” widescreen display. At just over $160 at, the G218a1 definitely comes in friendly on your wallet and hopes to be a choice pick for the budget rig.

22-Inch HP Debranded DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 10-26-2008

Color reproduction on this screen is fantastic and these photos don't do it justice. I can easily say that it is far better than my two current Chimei screens. HP screens are well known for their superior image clarity and color reproduction and this unit does not disappoint.

Hanns-G Hi221D 22in Wide Display 05-06-2008

Shopping for a monitor isn't exactly straightforward, though. As if picking a size weren't hard enough, you also have to balance your standards for specifications versus price. That's too much work for a lot of people, especially after they just spent a month researching the best hardware to buy, and they stick with the well-known names like Samsung and Viewsonic.

X2gen 19in. Widescreen LCD Monitor 02-16-2008

My point being, if you are still using an ancient CRT monitor, you owe it to yourself and your desk to upgrade to a slim LCD and there is no better time than the present. Today we will be looking at a "budget" 19" widescreen LCD monitor, the Black X2gen VGA/DVI TFT LCD Monitor w/Speakers, to see if it is worth the relatively low asking price.

Soyo Group 20.1in TFT-LCD Monitor 2058 12-01-2007

Often times, in the hype of building up a great new rig with all of the hottest new components, we forget that, beyond calculating pi and folding protein molecules, the computer experience comes entirely from peripherals. Almost nobody includes keyboards, speakers, or even monitors in their budget. In reality, though, a nice new monitor can make your old rig feel new again.

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