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GeIL 2x8GB evo FORZA DDR4-3000 01-09-2017

GeIL, or Golden Emperor International Ltd., based out of Taipei, Taiwan has been in the memory business since 1997, and distributes their products to more than 50 countries around the world. Unlike some companies who have diversified their product line over the years, GeIL continues to focus almost solely on memory, and are arguably one of the top overclocking memory manufacturers in the world. Today GeIL has sent over a 2x8GB dual channel kit of their latest DDR4-3000 evo FORZA gaming memory, spec'd to run at 1500MHz with 15-17-17 timings.

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 16GB Memory 11-10-2015

With the release of its Skylake Core processors, Intel introduced a new 1151 socket and Z170 chipset design. Rather than previous generation mainstream desktop configurations using DDR3, Intel opted to adopt the latest DDR4 also used in their high-end/enthusiast X99 platform. The DDR4 specification starts at 2133 and currently runs up to 3400 and will certainly continue higher as frequencies improve. For our Skylake build, Kingston sent over a 2x8GB kit of their latest HyperX Fury modules in DDR4-2666 speed. Join us as we take a closer look at the Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 memory.

Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3-2400 Kit 03-20-2014

What Kingston sent us for review today represents the next step up in their HyperX Predator line, the 8GB DDR3-2400 KHX24C11T2K2/8X kit. While only half the capacity of the set we reviewed last year, this kit is verified to run at the faster DDR3-2400 speed and CAS11. Memory bandwidth becomes very important for performance when shared with an iGPU such as AMD's latest Kaveri APU. Kingston also offers 8GB kits in DDR3-2666 and now DDR3-2800 speeds.

ADATA XPG v1.0 Black DDR3-1600 CL9 Memory 11-25-2013

Despite being around for more than six years now, DDR3 memory remains the standard desktop module type in use today. It may be another year before DDR4 begins to filter into the marketplace and with manufacturers pushing DDR3 speed far beyond the 2133 ceiling, it may be even longer until it is completely supplanted. Check any component retailer and you'll likely find DDR3-1600 still the most abundant and commonly sold memory type to date. No surprise then that ADATA sent over a 2 x 4GB kit of their XPG v1.0 Black DDR3-1600 memory for review.

Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB DDR3-2133 Kit 09-16-2013

The HyperX Predator series is one of Kingston's enthusiast level memory kits offering speeds from 1866MHz up to 2666MHz, with 2800MHz awaiting certification. Kits are available in either 8GB or 16GB capacity with several different XMP profiles and CAS levels and from 1.5V to 1.65V voltage requirements. All Kingston memory is 100% tested and backed by their lifetime warranty.

Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer PC3-12800 03-24-2011

Last month we reviewed the Crucial Ballistix Tracer Black just to recap some of the price drops we've seen on memory lately and what is available out there in the DDR3 realm. In the introduction to that piece we discussed how Crucial had unveiled a new variety of their Tracer memory at the 2011 CES and that we hoped to have a sample of this product available soon. Today I am happy to present the Ballistix Smart Tracer for review.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Black PC3-12800 02-22-2011

What always surprises me about computer memory, is that for months it can hover around the same price range, and then seemingly overnight the bottom will drop out. About this time last year I was reviewing some Ballistix Tracer Red in a 4Gb dual channel kit, and now they have that same pair listed for half the cost, even less at some online retailers. As far as I can determine, prices fell through the floor sometime between the holidays and prior to CES 2011 last month. For those users still on DDR2 who have been holding off on a memory upgrade, waiting for prices to come down, now may be the perfect opportunity to do so.

OCZ Platinum XTE PC3-16000 4GB Dual Channel Kit 01-09-2011

With all the excitement surrounding CES 2011 and new releases such as Intel's second generation Core chips like the i5-2500K that Shawn just reviewed, it can be easy to overlook updated revisions of existing products. Towards the end of November, OCZ announced revamped editions of their popular Blade, Platinum and Gold series memory. However between the holidays and upcoming CES this news may have slipped under the radar. Plus it's only been more recently that these versions have even started to show up at online retailers.

OCZ Flex EX PC3-17000 12GB Triple Channel Memory Kit 11-23-2010

Now that we are well into the lifespan of DDR3, the focus for many enthusiasts has turned to speed and capacity. With 64-bit operating systems now a viable option, it makes sense for end users to have over 4GB of system memory. Those who do video editing or extensive Photoshop work know how important it is to have a substantial amount of system memory on tap. For those that want the best of both worlds (fast and high capacity), we present today's review product, the OCZ Flex EX DDR3 12GB Triple Channel Memory kit.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red PC3-12800 03-04-2010

Crucial under its parent company Micron has been producing high quality, standard spec computer memory for more than 30 years. Although a latecomer to the performance marketplace, Crucial has not disappointed their fans and has built quite a name for its Ballistix line of memory over the last six years, beginning with their high speed DDR up through DDR2 and now DDR3. The Tracer series adds an interesting twist, that of LED activity lighting on the memory sticks themselves, useful for indicating memory utilization and also just for the bling factor. The memory I have for review today is the red version of Crucial's latest Ballistix Tracer series, in a 2x2Gb kit of PC3-12800 8-8-8-24.

Patriot Viper Series DDR3-1600 8-8-8-24 XMP Ready Triple Channel Memory Kit 11-22-2009

Though they have been around since 1985, I have never owned any Patriot Memory products before now. My memory purchases have been from the “household name” companies, as have most of yours. I always enjoy reviewing products from brands I have never owned before, and was delighted when I was asked to review a Patriot memory kit. Today I will be looking Patriot’s Viper Series DDR3-1600 8-8-8-24 triple channel memory kit. It is designed for the i7, and supports Intel XMP. Of course it does all of this at the i7’s required Vdimm of 1.65v. Will the Patriot memory kit do us proud? Read on to see!

OCZ Blade DDR3-1600 6-6-6 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit 09-29-2009

When Intel released the i7 last year, all of the memory manufacturers immediately answered with low-voltage triple channel DDR3 kits. If you didn't know, Intel's VDIMM requirement for memory used with the i7 CPU/X58 chipset is 1.65v to prevent damage to the i7's internal memory controller. Though the standard voltage for dual channel DDR3 memory modules is 1.5v, voltages for DDR3-2000 modules commonly run 1.9v and higher. This posed a definite challenge to the memory guys… regardless of speed, timing, or overclocking capability, 1.65v is it!; no extra voltage to add stability to that high speed or those tight timings.

Super Talent 32 GB Pico Drive 08-28-2009

Super Talent has always been a name synonymous with memory. After using Super Talent RAM in the past, I held high expectations for their new line of USB Flash drives: the Pico series. Measuring merely 1.50" x 0.50", the Pico is by far the smallest USB thumb drive I have ever used. This drive lends itself to being kept in your pocket, on a key-chain, or as I will be testing it, on a necklace.

CSX CEC Series DDR2-800 CL5 Dual Channel 4GB Kit 03-02-2009

Besides plain ol’ PC memory modules, CSX also builds memory for overclockers and gamers in their CEC and Diablo series memory modules. Though Compustocx is well known in Europe, they aren’t well known in the US and are working on getting into the North American PC system memory and SSD markets. Today I will be looking at the CSX CEC series DDR2-800 CL5 4GB dual-channel kit. Will the CEC do the trick?

OCZ SLI-Ready DDR3-2000 (PC3 16000) 2GB (2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Kit 01-18-2009

Today, I will be looking at OCZ’s DDR3-2000 SLI-ready 2GB dual channel kit. Supporting EPP, this memory kit is ready for that high-end SLI gaming rig. Here at, we’ve always loved OCZ’s memory…the innovations, looks, and high performance. Read on to check out this high-end OCZ memory kit.

OCZ 4GB PC2-6400 Fatal1ty Edition 08-17-2008

This month OCZ Technology celebrates their 8th anniversary manufacturing high performance memory products for the computer enthusiast market. They're also the latest manufacturer to jump on the Fatal1ty bandwagon, releasing both DDR2 and DDR3 modules under the world famous PC gamer's banner, in PC2-6400, 8500 and PC3-10666 speeds. OCZ sent us over a pair of their new Fatal1ty modules for review, the 2x2Gb PC2-6400 Dual Channel kit, and claim "these high-performance memory kits were co-developed with the expertise of the world’s 12-time champion to meet the needs of fellow gamers."

OCZ Reaper HPC PC3-10666 2GB Kit 05-12-2008

With the semi-recent arrival of DDR3 memory, OCZ has had the chance to expand on a whole new line of products. Already, they have the full series available on their website: Reaper, ReaperX, Platinum, Gold, Titanium… the list goes on. Today, we have for review the 2x 1GB OCZ Reaper HPC PC3-10666 memory kit, rated at 1333MHz.

OCZ PC2-8000 4Gb Platinum Edition Dual Channel Memory 02-25-2008

The team at OCZ are among those manufacturers. The past couple of months have seen OCZ release several new DDR2 memory kits, this one, which is a 4 gig version of their popular PC2-8000 5-5-5 Platinum Edition. Will we get the performance from this Platinum Edition memory that we have come to expect from OCZ?

Aeneon XTUNE DDR3-1333 2GB Kit 02-20-2008

The Vice President of Business at Aeneon said that the, “new XTUNE DDR3 memory series… will leverage the enthusiasts’ performance experience and demonstrate the DDR3 main advantages as one of the first products in the market: offering high-speed computing as well as limiting power.” Rated at 1.5V, these modules certainly run at lower energy consumption than recent DDR2 modules that have been released at 2.0V stock, but as one of the first kits on the market, can it provide the performance we’re hoping for? Continue on as we find out…

A-Data Vitesta DDR2-800+ Extreme Edition 02-19-2008

While the relatively new line of Extreme Edition memory products by A-Data still carry the Vitesta model name, the EE modules offer very aggressive timings, more comparable to other manufacturers of high-end performance memory. It is one of these sets of memory sticks I will be taking a look at today, the ADQVD1A16K 2x1GB PC2 6400 Extreme Edition DDR2-800+ Dual Channel Memory Kit.

OCZ ReaperX HPC PC2-6400 Memory 4 Gig Kit 01-17-2008

And since there are still uses for it, the memory guys are still designing and building new DDR2 memory modules, treating us to lower latencies and higher frequencies than previously available…at ridiculously low prices.

OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium CL3 Dual Channel Memory 11-27-2007

OCZ's Titanium modules fall somewhere between the Platinum line and their high-end Reaper series. Although these aren't the PC2-8000 Alpha VX2 model, which stands at the top of the Titanium lineup, they bear the latest CL3 tag. Yes, that's right, they're rated for an ultra-low CAS3 at PC2-6400 speeds.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum Quad Kit 09-04-2007

32 bit versions of Windows, both XP and Vista, have a maximum memory limit of 4 GB. On paper, this sounds perfectly well, as the kit we have for review today is just that, 4 GB. But this specification can be a bit misleading. You see, this 4 GB limit includes all of the system memory... which includes, for example, your video card(s) memory.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 FlexXLC Edition 08-01-2007

We here at got our first look at OCZ's FlexXLC “Hybrid Cooling Solution” at the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas back in January. OCZ was displaying the very same kit that we will be looking at today, the PC2-9200 2x1GB kit, which, at that time, was tagged as the world's fastest memory. Now, nearly eight months later, we get the opportunity to test this memory for ourselves.

OCZ PC2-6400 Reaper EB DDR2 06-03-2007

Borrowing a page from CPU and GPU cooling solutions, we now have heatpipe technology being used on memory modules. The principal is the same as other heatpipe coolers - heat is transferred from the base of the cooler (in this case, the memory modules) to the upper deck of aluminum fins via the copper heatpipes on either side of the module.

OCZ PC2-6400 SLI-Ready DDR2 04-25-2007

I want to take a moment and discuss the Enhanced Performance Profiles that are present on these modules. In a nutshell, if your are running an nForce SLI-based motherboard, the board will automatically detect the presence of EPP enhanced modules. These EPP modules are pre-programmed with advanced SPD (Serial Presence Detect) settings to boot at 800 MHz with timings of 4-4-4-15 1T.

Super Talent 2Gb PC2-6400 4-4-3-8 T800UX2GC4 02-01-2007

Using the 3.0x memory ratio, we find a little more headroom when slightly relaxing the timings to 4-5-5-8. Still using 2.3v, this brings the modules up to 501Mhz or DDR1002, impressive. The system is completely stable at these settings, able to pass four 32M Super Pi runs in a row.

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