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Swiftech Komodo R9 LE GPU Water Block 11-30-2014

Swiftech recently released their latest GPU block design, the Komodo R9 LE and Komodo NV GTX9, which match the aesthetics of their Apogee XL. The Komodo blocks are a full coverage design and offer similar illumination effects to the Apogee XL, with changeable color scheme between red, blue, green and white. The base is manufactured of copper that has been chrome plated instead of the more commonly used nickel and the housing is acetal with transparent window.

Swiftech H220-X AIO Liquid Cooler 11-03-2014

The Swiftech H220-X combines the MCP30 pump into either a dual 120mm or dual 140mm radiator, similar to their previous MCR-X20 Drive series. The H220-X, however, relocates the pump from the end of the radiator to a spot beside the fins for a more compact length. They've also integrated a backlit reservoir window so users can easily check the coolant level without opening up the system. Finally, they opted to integrate their current flagship water block, the Apogee XL, into the mix.

Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Waterblock 07-01-2014

Today we have for review Swiftech's absolute latest in blocks, the Apogee XL. Superseding the Apogee HD, which we reviewed two years ago, the XL offers some fine-tuning in performance for the latest AMD and Intel processors, reduced flow restriction and a new visual enhancement with LED back-lit logo plate in four included interchangeable colors: blue, green, red and white. There are two different versions available, the standard black polycarbonate body we received and an all-new XLC model with clear top.

SilverStone Tundra TD02 AIO Liquid Cooler 10-21-2013

AIO or All-In-One liquid coolers have become very popular in recent years, offering better capability than top-of-the-line air coolers without all the noise typically associated with fast spinning fans and without the hassle and setup of custom liquid cooling loops. The Tundra TD02 features a dual 120mm brazed fin aluminum radiator that is 45mm thick. Coupled with that are two 120mm PWM-controlled fans and an all-metal housing pump with copper base and nickel-plated aluminum body.

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer and Pro Water Cooling Kits 08-13-2012

Thermaltake is one of the few computer accessory companies that has found success with multiple product lines. Several have tried to branch out from their core business but most ultimately fail and either resort back to what they know best or shut down shop completely. But not Thermaltake - they've found success with their line of power supplies, cases and cooling solutions over the years. Today we will be taking a look at a relatively new product line from the latter category in the Water 2.0 liquid cooling kits.

Swiftech Apogee HD Water Block 01-27-2012

Today we have for review Swiftech's absolute latest in blocks, the Apogee HD. Superseding the venerable Apogee XT as their flagship product, the HD offers improvements in all areas: increased performance, reduced flow restriction and a new innovative feature known as multi-port connectivity. By paralleling the outputs to other components like the VGA, RAM and VRM, flow restriction is reduced and the need for a second pump in long, daisy-chain setups is eliminated.

Corsair Hydro H70 Liquid CPU Cooler 03-08-2011

A little over a year ago Zahn put the Corsair Hydro H50 Liquid CPU Cooler through the paces and awarded it our Silver Seal of Approval based on its performance, price and installation procedure. Corsair has since followed up on the original design with the release of the H70 which we will be taking a look at here today. The H70 features a lower profile water block / pump assembly, a thicker radiator and dual cooling fans, among other changes. These improvements sound great in theory but will they translate to real-world performance?

Swiftech H20-X20 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit 09-21-2010

Liquid cooling kits are often a good way for those inexperienced with PC water cooling to "get their feet wet" so to speak, without having too difficult a time during installation or likely chance of failure due to mistakes or mishaps. Some systems like the recent CoolIt ECO or Corsair H50 really simplify things by being pre-assembled and sealed, making them no more difficult to install than most aftermarket air coolers. Others, like the Tt ProWater 850i or Swiftech H20-220 Compact, do require assembly but include all the parts you will need and/or combine some of the functions of each piece for ease of installation. The item that we have for review today falls into the latter category, Swiftech's latest series of water cooling kits, the H20-X20 Edge.

CoolIT Systems ECO A.L.C. Liquid Cooler 04-13-2010

New for this year CoolIT introduces the ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling system, a simplified version of the Domino without the LCD control panel. Similar to other Asetek designs, such as the Corsair H50 and NorthQ Siberian Tiger, the CoolIT ECO system consists of a combination pump and block, a 120mm fan and heat exchanger and the tubing to connect them. Like the Domino, this pre-filled and self-contained system appears easy to install and maintain, and the target price keeps it affordable for the average user.

Corsair H50 Hydro Series Liquid CPU Cooler 11-24-2009

When you think of Corsair you probably envision memory modules or USB drives. Maybe you even consider their more recent forays into power supplies and solid state drives. But it may come as a surprise to learn they have now expanded their product line to include cases and liquid cooling components! The Hydro Series H50 liquid CPU cooler is one of their new items we have for review today. It is a compact, pre-filled and sealed kit consisting of a combination pump and water block, along with a 120mm radiator and fan.

CoolIT Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling CPU Cooler 01-21-2009

Today, we have for review CoolIT’s latest cooling product: the Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) all-in-one kit for single CPU systems. In keeping with their catchphrase, “Target the heat, kill the noise,” CoolIT hopes that the Domino ALC provides a silent yet powerful cooling solution.

OCZ HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU Waterblock 11-16-2008

OCZ Technology first began doing business in August of 2000 and since then has earned a reputation for being one of the top manufacturers of enthusiast computer hardware in the marketplace. From their initial offerings of high speed memory, to their current lineup including power supplies and cooling products, OCZ's claim to fame has been their commitment to the end user. They continue to be innovators in their field and are constantly developing new and exciting products like the one we have for review today, the HF-MK1 HydroFlow CPU waterblock.

Swiftech Apogee GTZ Water Block 09-10-2008

Swiftech has been around since 1994 and is perhaps best known for their thermoelectric and liquid cooling solutions that first gained popularity in late 2000 / early 2001. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to test the Swiftech H20-220 Compact water cooling kit, and liked it so much I'm still using it on my primary system. Today I have for review the Apogee™ GTZ, Swiftech's new flagship water block. While it shares the same name with its predecessors, it also leaps beyond the GT and GTX performance charts thanks to an entirely new design that pushes and refines both thermal and mechanical specifications to the limits of today's technology.

Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling Kit 08-12-2008

While unfamiliarity with the Thermaltake name requires residence under a rock in a remote land, this big named company has also been producing water cooling kits and components for several years now and as such is a known name in the business. Today, I have the Thermaltake ProWater 850i, a complete liquid cooling kit for your CPU. While complete kits don’t have the best reputation for performance, they do serve as fantastic introductions to the water scene. Their upgradeability makes them a great introductory choice for beginners and they come with thorough manuals to help ease the leap of faith that is liquid cooling.

NorthQ 3580 Siberian Tiger Water Cooler 06-03-2008

Occasionally here at we receive review requests from overseas companies that we've never heard of before. Such was the case with computer and home electronics manufacturer NorthQ. Based in Denmark, NorthQ offers chassis, cooling and power supply products as well as other electronics for home and car. Today I will be taking a look at their Siberian Tiger water cooling system for AMD and Intel processors.

Swiftech H2O-220 Compact Kit 02-01-2008

Swiftech has been around since 1994 and is perhaps best known for their thermoelectric and liquid cooling solutions that first gained popularity in late 2000 / early 2001. Recently I had the opportunity to test out one of their latest water-cooling kits, the H2O-220 Compact. I know some of you are probably thinking, "oh no, not a water-cooling kit...

Thermaltake Bigwater 760i Watercooling System 11-19-2007

Internal liquid cooling system components are usually separate pieces, which do require a little extra space in your case, something mid-tower owners may not be able to afford. It also adds complexity and additional time to the installation when the end user has to put everything together themselves. But Thermaltake now has a solution for both problems, the Bigwater 760i.

CoolIT Systems Eliminator 08-15-2007

CoolIT Systems has taken the cooling industry by storm with their recent releases of the Freezone and the Eliminator CPU coolers. Capitalizing on the technology behind thermoelectric cooling, CoolIT has managed to bring high performance cooling to even the least experienced of users.

Cooler Master Aquagate S1 07-23-2007

Needless to say, a full, high quality water cooling system will undoubtedly run you a few hundred dollars. The average high-end PC owner either isn’t ready to drop that much more money over an air cooler or doesn’t need to cool anything except their CPU. And even among those who do have the dough and the desire, it takes a special person to take that leap of faith to a custom water kit, with so much room for mistake and ruining your beloved computer.

CoolIT Freezone CPU Cooler 02-28-2007

CoolIT claims the Freezone can go head to head with the best watercooling systems, right out of the box. The "kit" comes pre-filled and pre-assembled so all you need to do is install the cooling block on your processor and mount the chiller assembly in your case. Yes, everything fits inside the case; yet another advantage over some watercooling kits on the market today.

Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Liquid Cooled Barebone 01-22-2007

Swiftech included their extremely popular APOGEE CPU water block with the system and they have already installed and leaked tested the complete cooling system. Unless you have a AMD socket M2, all you'll need to do is install the block, connect the two hoses and fill the system. If you have an AMD socket M2 based system, you'll need to switch out the water block's mounting plate.

Swiftech MCW-Ramcool VGA Memory Waterblock 11-20-2006

As with all products from Swiftech, you get everything you need to install and connect their products to your current system. There are three sets of Swiftech's "Patent Pending" "F" style connectors in the most popular US sizes (1/2", 3/8" and 1/4"), so you shouldn't have any problems connecting the MCW-Ramcool to your current system regardless of the tubing size that you're running now.

Cooler Master Aquagate VIVA VGA Liquid Cooling System 11-02-2006

To help solve this problem Cooler Master has developed a VGA water cooling solution that will remedy the heat problem as well as eliminate the noise problem. Cooler Master's Aquagate VIVA VGA cooling is an all-in-one sealed unit that offers the added benefit of being able to convert over to a CPU water cooling unit if the end-user so sees fit,

Swiftech MCW60-T VGA Thermoelectric Waterblock 08-01-2006

Unfamiliar with the basics of Thermoelectric cooling? Thermoelectric pads are used to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials or cooling components. The very basic explanation is that they transfer heat from one side of the pad to the other. So, adding a Thermoelectric pad to a computer component, with a waterblock on the side dissipating the heat, can make for a very efficient cooling device

Zalman ZM-RF1 Reserator Fan Kit 07-19-2006

I located mine next to a return vent in my house, and in summer or winter months when the system is heating or cooling, the Reserator receives a good amount of circulating air. In the spring and fall however, the handler runs only infrequently, and during those months average water temperatures typically climb a few degrees.

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