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How to Install a Computer in a Car 05-10-2011

I mulled over multiple options for nearly a week before deciding that I wanted to install a PC in place of the current setup. A computer would allow me to add all of my MP3s as well as replace the unsightly TV / VCR combo. The PC would open up nearly all types of digital video formats as well which would certainly come in handy for passengers during a road trip.

Building a Gaming / Performance PC 12-20-2010

A few months ago we posted an article titled, “Building a Silent HTPC”. The article featured a collaboration of manufacturers and online shops, each showcasing a product or two as part of a full system build. Based on the overwhelming success of that article, we have decided to do another full build; this time, we are putting together a performance / gaming PC. Based on Intel’s Core i7 CPU, we will construct a system that both performance enthusiasts and gamers alike would be proud to call their own.

Building a Silent HTPC 10-18-2010

The HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) has become much more mainstream over the past several years. Once only a component of true hardware / media enthusiasts, the HTPC is finding its way into the homes of millions of average consumers thanks to the emergence of online video providers like Hulu, Netflix and iTunes. Additionally, many cable television networks stream episodes of their hit shows on their websites and as we all know, torrent sites are still very relevant. Throw in Blu-ray capability and you have a complete all-in-one media center.

Apple iPhone WiFi Chill Fix 06-18-2009

A few weeks ago I noticed that the WiFi connection on my phone started acting up, randomly disconnecting and such. I suspected my Belkin router as the culprit, but after testing the phone on other wireless connections as well as having my laptop work perfectly on the Belkin, I knew it must be something else. I did a good bit of research and came across the crazy idea of putting your phone in the freezer to fix the problem. With nothing to lose, I figured I would try a variant of that method and see what happened.

How To Install Windows XP From A USB Flash Drive 05-20-2009

I had heard of installing Vista and even Windows 7 RC using a flash drive, but never XP (my operating system of choice). I spent some time researching and by combining a few things I learned on various sites, put together a method that was pretty quick and worked perfectly. I decided to make this guide (complete with clickable screenshots) for people like me who need a no-nonsense method of installing XP from a flash drive.

Create iPhone Ringtones That Dont Sound Horrible 09-26-2007

I have tried this method with several different MP3 files and have found this to be the easiest and most effective method. My initial problems were with the ringtones overpowering the crummy speaker, but doing the Decrease Volume trick in Sound Recorder eliminates 99% of the overpowering sounds and leaves a crisp, clear ringtone that works great!

Enabling Temperature Monitoring on the nVidia 6600GT 03-31-2005

Recently, I reviewed the Apollo nVidia 6600GT. During the research for that review, I found out that the chipset on all 6600GT's has an onboard temperature sensor, but many card manufacturers opted not to enable temp monitoring on their particular cards. I would assume to discourage overclocking, but I'm just guessing.

Power Supply Mod for Hewlett Packard Pavilion XE783 06-15-2003

fstroupe performs a PSU mod on this fine piece of equipment!

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