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Putting Memory Latency into Perspective 01-23-2011

As memory standards have changed over the years one thing has remained constant: the confusion that arises when trying to compare different memory speeds and timings. It's been drilled into our heads again and again that faster speed is good, but so are lower timings, and unfortunately those two ends seem to move in opposite directions. The higher the memory goes in frequency, the greater number of cycles spent waiting before reading from or writing to it. Invariably the question always arises, which is better for my system?

nVidia GTX 260 SLI 09-02-2009

Last summer the nVidia GT200 core cards, the GTX 260 and GTX 280, were relatively new and expensive. Now, more than a year later, the GT200 core is still nVidia's top-dog, but the cost of entry to this level of performance has dropped significantly. With the advent of newer, faster cards such as the GTX 275 and 285, the now lowly but revamped, die-shrunk 260 can be had for well under the $200 mark, or even less for the original 65nm, 192sp core cards. It's one of these cards, basically identical to our original EVGA GTX 260 from last year, that we've got from our friends over at for comparison today. Join me as I take a look at a modern SLI implementation and see if two cards really are better than one.

Razer Guy Shares Thoughts on Gaming Today 09-02-2008

We recently caught up with Robert "Razer Guy" Krakoff, Razer founder and president, who was able to give us a unique insight into the growing gaming market and what consumers can expect in the future. In between a trip from the Games Convention and Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2008 in Seattle, Krakoff wanted to start off by discussing the company's most recent product announcement.

nVidia Hybrid SLI Technology 07-17-2008

The idea behind combining multiple graphics processors to increase performance is nothing new. While you might be familiar with recent SLI and Crossfire solutions from modern-day video card manufacturers nVidia and AMD/ATI, the birth of multi-GPU 3D gaming can be traced back more than ten years ago to a company called 3dfx and their Voodoo2 graphics chipset. Today we find nVidia and AMD/ATI competing on a new graphics front, combining a hybrid mix of integrated motherboard graphics chipset commonly found in low-cost mainstream computer systems with that of a more traditional separate discrete graphics card.

How Much Energy Is Used At Your Computer Desk? 07-14-2008

If a computer is plugged into a wall, and nobody is there to turn it on, does it still use energy? While a more familiar question with trees begs existential consideration, the answer to my question is far simpler; itís yes. As gas prices go up and up, everyone is looking to economize and save money everywhere they can. Phantom energy, electricity drawn by devices not in use, is one target of many peopleís efforts. Still, a lot of us think that the minimal wattage used by an empty cell-phone charger isnít worth the hassle and that there are bigger fish to fry. The <1W pull we observe in chargers and other small appliances leads us to forget about unplugging our devices altogether, even the bigger ones. What about your computer, though?

A Refreshed Look at 3 Series Crossfire 06-29-2008

With the 3870s and the 4850s so closely matching in price, suddenly buying a second 3870 doesnít seem like such a good idea. You can buy a 3870 for under $140.00 and have two 3870s in Crossfire (or a 3870 and a 3850 in CrossfireX depending on what you did back in the day). Alternatively, you can sell your 3870 and probably pull in a solid $90, and then buy a 4850, netting $100 and saving yourself the electricity bill of having two cards at the same time. Naturally, we have a problem with using just one card when we could so easily have two, but it really is the performance that counts.

February 17, 2009: The Digital TV Deadline 12-06-2007

The government of the United States of America has a message for you: "All your TV are belong to us". Ok, well maybe the US government didn't say that but they have said that all full-power television stations will no longer be able to broadcast their signal on analog channels come February 17, 2009.

Best 3dfx Glide Games 05-25-2007

We all know how the story played out for 3dfx, the graphics company that had dominated the industry for several years in the late 90s with their Glide API. The Glide API was created by 3dfx and optimized the overall gaming experience when used in conjunction with the Voodoo hardware. Having a specialized API was both the highlight and the downfall for 3dfx. For the few short years that Glide reigned supreme, there were several games released that implemented this proprietary API.

Apple iPhone vs Palm Treo 700p 05-21-2007

I decided to put this article together to help answer a few different questions. I will be comparing the iPhone to the Palm Treo 700p in a wide array of categories, from music, e-mail and web browsing to Google Maps, text messaging, screen size and everything in between.

The Day Digg Was Defeated 05-01-2007

A day earlier, Digg moderators pulled a story from the site that contained the hacked HD DVD encryption key. Digg did not want to put itself in a position to "break the law" and potentially be sued. Diggers caught wind of this "act against Democracy" and, in a fight against what many considered unjust censorship, began submitting story after story that contained the HD DVD key... and they were all getting dugg to the front page! And thus, the revolution was kick into warp speed

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