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Azza Titan 240 Mid-Tower Case 11-27-2016

The Titan 240 is one of three new mid-tower designs from Azza alongside the Photios 250 and Onyx 260. These three cases share a similar underlying chassis but offer differing exterior panels that give each case a distinct look. With support for a 240mm radiator up top and a 240mm or 280mm radiator in the front, the Titan 240 is capable of hosting a variety of liquid cooling configurations. Another unique feature shared by Azza's new mid-tower designs is the tempered glass side panel.

SilverStone Grandia GD08 HTPC Case 03-26-2014

SilverStone makes many different sizes and styles of HTPC cases. The chassis we'll be taking a look at today is their Grandia GD08 which supports a full-size ATX motherboard and power supply along with dual optical drives and as many as eight 3½" and two 2½" hard drives. Provisions for cooling are spacious as well with up to four 120mm intake and two 80mm exhaust fans plus extra venting in the top and rear.

AzzA XT 1B Full Tower Case 03-06-2014

The case I have for review today is a new design called the XT-1. Similar to the Solano 1000, this is described as a full tower case with dimensions that place it more in an extended mid-tower category. It is available in either a black/red or white/blue color scheme, denoted by either a B or W in the model number. AzzA touts the XT-1's cooling ability with four included fans and support for dual 120mm radiator, graphics cards up to 340mm in length, a tool-less design with included hot-swap drive bay and removable/exchangeable front and top grills.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 12-10-2013

Not since Shawn reviewed the Mountain Mods U2-UFO Duality have I seen a case specifically designed to house two individual computer systems. There are several reasons a hardcore computer enthusiast may have for needing room above and beyond what even your typical full tower case provides, but not many options are available without building your own... until now. Earlier this fall, Cooler Master revealed plans for a customizable, modular case system combining the cooling capabilities of the High Air-Flow series with the discontinued Stacker name, the HAF Stacker.

SilverStone Raven RV04 Case 11-14-2013

For the introduction of its fourth generation RAVEN case, SilverStone has opted to switch back to a more traditional layout with cooling fans moving air from front to rear and hardware located in its usual position within the chassis. Options are once again relegated to a single choice of color, which is fine as long as you like black. The right side panel is available with or without a window. New for the RV04 is a front panel door, the first to grace any RAVEN case yet. Can the fourth generation RAVEN carry on the well-respected name of its predecessors? Join us as we aim to find out.

SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E Evolution Chassis 09-23-2013

The case we were supplied with for this build comes to us from SilverStone in the form of their Temjin series TJ04-E Evolution. What might arguably be considered a Lian-Li PC6/7 lookalike, the SilverStone TJ04/E has a similar clean and understated appearance that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. Quite a lot has changed in the PC world in the last decade so one must wonder, has SilverStone's venerable Temjin case undergone a true evolution to keep pace?

Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case 08-27-2012

It's been a year since our last Thermaltake case review, the Chaser MK-1 full tower. Those familiar with some of the features of that model may be pleased to learn that Thermaltake has incorporated many of those same options into their new Armor Revo cases. Things like the built-in fan speed and light control, top external hard drive dock, pivoting base feet and removable mesh filters are carried over directly. The chassis layout is also very similar, with the same four bay front and large 200mm front, top and side mount fans.

Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case 05-28-2012

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you’ve no doubt seen this chassis online or perhaps even at your local hardware retailer or LAN party (although I pity the person responsible for lugging this heavyweight anywhere outside of their house). Cooler Master showcased what they call the Ultra Tower at CES and it goes without saying that it was the most impressive computer case I saw during my week in Las Vegas. We've been anxious to get this chassis on the test bench to see if it lives up to the hype.

Bitfenix Raider Mid-Tower Chassis 05-07-2012

Bitfenix is a bit of the new guy on the block, yet this is the second case we have had the opportunity to review from them in the past year. Last July we took a look at their Shinobi case and at the time I said it was a nice departure from their original Colossus chassis – which was a bit odd for my taste. They have quickly become known for not just their interesting designs, but the quality of their construction. Taking a look at the Raider which we have here today, my first impression is that it is a refinement of the previous Shinobi design.

Silverstone Precision PS07 Micro-ATX Case 04-03-2012

The Silverstone Precision PS07 micro-ATX chassis offers a more traditional layout than the Fortress series, although access to the interior is via the right side of the case, a-la BTX style format. The chassis features dual hidden 120mm silent fan intakes, along with an independent airflow channel for the power supply, all with easily removable filters. With a wide stance to accommodate extra room for cabling, the PS07 maintains a small footprint while allowing use of a full-size power supply and video card, not to mention up to six hard drives. It's available in two color choices, black or white.

Azza Fusion 3000 Full Tower Chassis 02-07-2012

The PC case market is one that is hard to stand out in but of course that doesn't stop manufacturers from trying. We have only reviewed one other Azza case before, the Solano 1000 way back in 2009, but we generally came away impressed with it. In reading up on their history, I discovered that at one time Azza offered mainboards in addition to their PSU line. They aren’t in the mainboard market anymore but have a variety of chassis and PSU offerings such as the Fusion 3000 that we will be taking a look at here today.

NZXT Switch 810 Tower Case 01-20-2012

At CES 2012, NZXT launched a new full tower case they've dubbed the Switch 810. NZXT is calling this a "hybrid" tower design, suitable for extreme air cooling or complex liquid cooling setups, and offering users a choice between maximum airflow or noise reduction. With up to ten 120/140mm fans, top 360/420mm and bottom 140/240mm radiator support, pivoting internal fan mounts and removable dust filters, NZXT is definitely taking the cooling aspect of this case seriously.

SilverStone Raven RV03 Case 12-27-2011

While we've reviewed many SilverStone cases here at, we have yet to get a close look at any of their "extreme enthusiast" RAVEN series, other than the brief glimpses we've had at CES. SilverStone is now in their third release of the popular RAVEN tower, the RV03 which Jakob previewed at CES 2011. It was with great anticipation then when we received the RAVEN 3 for review. From our experience SilverStone has always produced high quality enclosures and the RAVEN looks to be no exception, however what really sets this series apart from other tower designs is the 90° clockwise orientation of the motherboard.

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Case 08-19-2011

The blue highlights around the case are the most noticeable feature when it first comes out of the box. I like the headset hook on the MK-1 far more than the one that was included with the Level 10 GT. It folds up and is out of the way until it is needed. Taking a look at the side we can see the stylized window and large vent opening.

Bitfenix Shinobi Window Case 07-29-2011

Bitfenix is a relative newcomer to the market and certainly new to me. The case we are looking at today, the Bitfenix Shinobi, is actually my first hands-on experience with their products. When they introduced the Colossus chassis I was bit skeptical; the styling was just something that I questioned. However, most have seemed very happy with the build quality, so that did perk my attention. The Shinobi is a mid-tower offering that has a minimalistic style and comes with or without a side window. The sample sent to us includes the side window, viewed as an added perk by most.

Cubitek Tattoo Pro Chassis 07-05-2011

The Cubitek brand isn’t one I was familiar with even though they were founded in 2002. They were initially founded as an OEM/ODM business model but in the spring of 2010 they reorganized to be able to become a branded manufacturer. That translates to them being a newer player in the market and perhaps I haven’t been remiss in not noticing them until now. Their philosophy of "Build something we would want to buy at a price we would want to pay” certainly speaks to me. Today we are going to take a look at their Tattoo Pro mid-tower offering and see if it lives up to that claim.

NZXT H2 Classic Silent Mid-Tower Case 06-23-2011

NZXT introduces the newest design in their Classic series, the H2 Silent mid-tower. Building upon the success of their previous Hush mid-tower and Whisper full-tower chassis, the H2 incorporates the latest case upgrades and technological advances into a compact mid-tower frame, utilizing quieting features and a classic styling that practically screams NZXT.

Corsair Obsidian 650D Midtower Chassis 06-09-2011

Corsair has since released two follow-up cases in the Obsidian line, the 700D and the 650D. The 700D is essentially identical to the 800D, but removes the hot-swap drive bays and windowed side panel. The 650D, on the other hand, is a mid-tower offering that heavily resembles the 800D in fit and function. There are some changes that had to be made given the smaller footprint, but it's largely a shrunken 800D. Today we will be going over the smaller 650D to see if it truly lives up to the stellar reputation the 800D holds.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Chassis 05-27-2011

The Thermaltake Level 10 GT is yet another case that I had the opportunity to preview at CES 2011. The Level 10 GT is a follow-up to the original Level 10 that garnered a ton of press from CES 2010. The goal with this new version is to bring the style of the original Level 10 case to a much more reasonable price point. The original had an asking price around $800 - more than some users spend on an entire system!

Cooler Master Elite 371 Midtower Case 05-24-2011

Today we are going to take a look at another case that was introduced at CES 2011. The Cooler Master Elite 371 was on display at Cooler Master's suite at the Bellagio, so we had a chance to preview this one a few months back. My impression at the time was that it looked like a solid budget case but now we will get to put it through the paces for a full evaluation.

SilverStone FT03 Micro ATX Chassis 05-08-2011

We've looked at more computer cases than any other component or accessory over the past 10 years here at While styling and trends have certainly changed over the past decade, the general hardware layout inside a case has remained constant: motherboard in the middle, power supply either on the top or bottom, optical drives up front at the top and hard drives in the lower front area. There have been advances in certain departments like hot swap drive and aesthetics (lighting, funky paint jobs, etc) but the basic ATX layout hasn't changed much since the beige box. That's all about to change as SilverStone has taken the classic ATX layout and dropped it in a blender.

CM Storm Enforcer Mid Tower Chassis 05-05-2011

The CM Storm Enforcer is the latest case in the Cooler Master “Storm” series of products and the second one we will be reviewing (the first was the CM Storm Sniper back in early 2009). Our first glimpse of this case was in the Cooler Master suite at CES 2011. Unlike the "ultra mid tower" Storm Sniper, this is a mid-tower offering aimed at budget gamers and enthusiasts.

Thermaltake Armor A30 Chassis 04-25-2011

If you are in the market for a small form factor chassis that can support a serious high-end graphics card, your options are pretty limited. The SilverStone SG05-450 SFF that I recently reviewed was a fantastic chassis but the proprietary 450 watt power supply wouldn't be a wise choice with a top-of-the-line GPU. Additionally, the Mini ITX limitation would likely turn away most serious gamers. Today we will be taking a look at Thermaltake's Armor A30, a small form factor gaming chassis that allows for a full-size power supply, Micro ATX boards and a graphics card up to 13" in length.

Sentey Optimus GS-6000 Mid-tower Case 04-22-2011

We have another offering from Sentey and their “Extreme Division” line of cases today. This time we are going to take a look at their GS-6000 Optimus mid-tower case. Previously we looked at the Arvina GS-6400 which came away with top honors. With the Optimus, Sentey looks to be going for a budget version of the Arvina in the mid-tower size. The Optimus comes in two varieties, the GS-6000 which is all black and the GS-6000R with red highlights; we have the former on hand today.

SilverStone GD06 HTPC Chassis 03-28-2011

As the line between home theater A/V and personal computing continues to blur, home theater style computer cases are becoming more and more popular with consumers. SilverStone Technologies launched a successful line of home theater cases back in 2009 with the Grandia series (GD04 and GD05) and this review is going to cover the new and improved model, the Grandia GDO6.

Galaxis Ares Mid-Tower Case 02-04-2011

We recently took a look at a case from Galaxis called the Atlus. The Atlus was the first case we have worked with from Galaxis and we were left wanting a bit more from the maiden offering. Today we are taking a look at an additional offering from Galaxis called the Ares. According to the box, the case is available in two color schemes: Black / Blue and Black / Red. Galaxis sent their blue variation, but it is nice to see more than just the typical blue being offered.

Galaxis Atlus Mid-Tower Case 01-12-2011

The Atlus case by Galaxis is a mid-tower offering supporting standard ATX mainboards, four external 5.25" drive bays and one external 3.5" bay. It has a large side intake fan, blue LED lighting and a top control panel. We have seen a variety of mid-tower offerings lately and the feature set from the outside looks typical, though with the USB and audio ports on the top I would expect more of a floor placement. Follow along as we take a closer look.

SilverStone SG05-450 SFF Chassis 12-23-2010

Of course, a full tower system isn't always desired for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are working in a limited space, need a system that is lightweight / portable or you simply don't need many expansion options. If you fall into this latter category, there are desktop options available that fit the bill. Today we are looking at one such option, the SilverStone SG05-450 Small Form Factor Chassis.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Chassis 09-15-2010

Today we are going to take a look at a new case from Thermaltake called the Armor A60. Thermaltake has long made great cases with plenty of cooling options and modern looks. I have seen and used a few of their cases over the years and have been looking forward to seeing what they have come up with now. The Armor A60 is a variant of the original A90 that we looked at a couple of months ago. The new A60 has a lot of the same style but there are several differences such as a SideClick EasySwap design and USB 3.0, just to name a few.

Cooler Master HAF 912 Case 09-06-2010

Two years ago Cooler Master introduced a new full tower case called the HAF 932. The HAF combined rugged, industrial style looks with many of the same amenities as some of their high end cases like the Cosmos, but without the matching high price tag. The HAF became so popular that it spawned a whole new series, with later additions coming in a variety of sizes and colors. Today Cooler Master introduces the latest entry to the HAF lineup with their smallest model yet, the mid-tower HAF 912. Bearing a striking resemblance to the 922, the 912 is only marginally narrower and shorter in dimension, however it deviates from previous HAF models in other ways.

Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Full Tower Case 08-25-2010

Sentey is a name that prior to working on this review, I hadn't heard before. This surprised me as I have been building machines for quite a few years. Sentey manufacturers their cases in Shenzen, China and is headquartered in Florida, USA. I wasn't able to track down an exact start date on their website. The case being reviewed, the GS-6400 I can only locate for sale via or the Sentey affiliates in Florida and has a first available date of June 1, 2010. This case is a product of their “Extreme Division”, one of five case divisions ranging from a more classic look to slim models to gaming styles.

SilverStone PS05 Midtower Case 07-05-2010

Cases these days come in a lot of different varieties and usually aim for either aesthetics or superior thermal properties. The PS05 midtower case from SilverStone is their new budget model. This model seems to be aimed at the entry level enthusiast on a budget looking for flexibility in how they put together a build. It is a midtower case with a bottom-mounted PSU. The PS05 is part of their Precision Series which brings thoughtful details from high-end chassis designs that are usually left out of entry level models. Items such as the all black interior, cable tie-down spots and vibration dampening hard drive mounts are all part of this model’s selling points.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Steel Midtower Gaming Case 06-27-2010

Today I will be looking at Thermaltake’s latest gaming mid tower, the Armor A90. If you are familiar with Thermaltake cases, you will see that this case is a hybrid between two of their product lines, it is in the VL9000 series so it has the superior cooling qualities of the V9 but is also part of the Armor series so it has some really aggressive styling to make your rig stand out at LAN parties. And of course you can expect the ruggedness you always find in Thermaltake cases. Read on to check out the Armor A90!

NZXT Vulcan Micro-ATX Gaming Case 06-03-2010

Today we have for close examination the latest in NZXT's Crafted series of PC enclosures, the micro-ATX sized Vulcan. Tailored especially for gamers who desire easy portability in more of a standard tower style case rather than the typical cube design, the Vulcan bears a slight resemblance to their Classic series M59 gaming case. It features an angled and hooded front bezel with raised panels on top and sides to accommodate interior components. To make transporting the Vulcan between LAN parties easier, NZXT has sized it smaller than your traditional mid-tower and includes a convenient removable carry handle.

Cooler Master Elite 430 Black 06-01-2010

Targeted as an entry level mid-tower case, the Elite 430 Black is designed for minimum footprint with maximum use of interior space. Cooler Master claims even dual Crossfire HD5970 cards and oversized tower style air coolers like their V8 and Hyper 212+ will fit. Able to house up to six 120mm fans, the Elite 430 offers excellent cooling potential while tight mesh inserts allow filtration of incoming air. Blue LED lighting and a generous sized side panel window help the Elite 430 really show off its stuff, while the fully painted black interior adds the finishing touch. Join me as I take a closer look at the Cooler Master Elite 430 Black mid-tower case.

NZXT Beta Evo Chassis 04-05-2010

NZXT is rather new to the case business in comparison to names like Cooler Master or Antec, but they have been taking both companies by storm with their award winning Classic series. Today I've got the pleasure of taking a look at the NZXT Beta Evo from the Classic series. This case was purchased by myself for my rig to replace an Antec 300. When I originally saw the roll-out of the NZXT Beta, I was rather surprised that a $50 case, considered part of the budget market, was going to have a black interior and cable management abilities. At the time I was running the Antec 300, but I wanted a case with a bottom-mounted PSU as that had become my preference in design.

Microcool It Banchetto 101 Case 03-27-2010

As I'm sure many people will tell you, frequently reviewing or benchmarking lots of different computer hardware can be a real pain in the butt. Sure, trying out new gear is usually fun and it's exciting to get our hands on leading edge technology, particularly before it's publicly available. But the physical act of constantly replacing components in our test machines can get a bit monotonous, especially when you spend so much time disassembling, then installing, only to disassemble it yet again. So over the years there have been a small number of manufacturers that make cases designed specifically for the reviewer or "bencher", such as the one we have for review today, the Banchetto 101 from Microcool.

Corsair Obsidian 800D Chassis 03-22-2010

But little did I know, Corsair's plans for their new chassis were vastly different than my assumptions. I've often thought that if companies would simply listen to their customer's wants and needs rather than trying to decide on their own what an end user wants, they would be vastly successful. Corsair has done just that with their debut chassis, the Obsidian 800D. By listening to end user and reviewer feedback, Corsair steps up to the plate with a chassis that has the potential to be an all-time great. Keep reading as we take a detailed look at the Obsidian 800D to see if it can live up to the hype.

Raidmax Skyline Case 03-08-2010

In the world of PC customization there are a wide range of products to choose from when looking to house your computing hardware. Some are expensive and high quality, while others are expensive and not worth their weight in tin. Others are great bargains and targeted towards the modding community, while some are cheap both in price and materials. Today we look at the Raidmax Skyline and decide which of these categories it falls into.

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Chassis 03-05-2010

The budget mid tower computer case market is one of the most saturated when it comes to computer components. There are literally hundreds of different low cost mid tower cases to weed through when trying to find one that will meet your needs. I'll be the first to admit that many offerings are complete garbage. The key here is to find a chassis that combines the right mix of features and good looks while still being easy on the wallet and that is exactly what Thermaltake is aiming for with their recently released V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case. With a retail price of only $39 USD, most would expect the bare minimum but read on because the V3 is dressed to impress.

Silverstone Grandia GD05 HTPC Case 02-04-2010

A visit to SilverStone's website reveals they currently offer four different series of HTPC cases and a whopping thirty-two models! The GD05 we have for review today is part of SilverStone's Grandia series of "mainstream" HTPC enclosures. These are designed for the multimedia PC builder on a budget, that still accommodate a standard micro-ATX board, full-size power supply and video card. The last case of this type we reviewed here at was the GD02 almost two years ago. While there have been two revisions between that one and the GD05, they all share a similar chassis and seem to differ mainly in style. Join me as I take a closer look at the SilverStone Grandia GD05.

NZXT Hades Crafted Mid-Tower Case 01-29-2010

Last week we took a look at the NZXT Tempest EVO, and today we have up for review the latest in their Crafted series, the Hades. Not since the Lexa Blackline have we seen an NZXT case with red lighting. Whether this switch from the all too common blue LEDs has any significance in the naming of this case or not, red is definitely becoming more and more popular with the various case manufacturers. The Hades is a nine bay, mid-tower design that like many in NZXT's Crafted series, has sculpted front and side panels. Black is the only color available and there is no side window, however there are several other features NZXT has incorporated into this case that are worth a closer look.

NZXT Tempest EVO 01-19-2010

More than a year ago we took a close look at the original NZXT Tempest and gave it our Seal of Approval. Among the list of laudations were its good looks, roomy interior, massive amount of airflow yet quiet operation and reasonable price. Externally the Tempest EVO doesn't look much different, it shares the same appearance, dimensions and weight as the Tempest. It also offers the same number of drive bays, cooling fans and expansion slots. So what, if anything, did NZXT actually do to the Tempest to warrant giving it a suffix?

Moneual Labs MonCaso Y601W 01-15-2010

We've reviewed two Moneual cases previously here at, the MonCaso 972 and 932, and found them to be very stylish and extremely rich on features. With touch screen LCD, front panel knobs and remote control, these enclosures look more like traditional home theater components rather than cases for computer parts. But today Moneual introduces a new line of micro-ATX cases, the MonCaso 600 series. Unlike their other offerings, the 600 is a slimline desktop model that can also work in a micro tower configuration.

Cooler Master AMD Limited Edition HAF 932 12-21-2009

A little over a year ago I reviewed the Cooler Master HAF 932 full tower case, and awarded it the Seal of Approval for its rugged good looks, great features and reasonable price. Cooler Master cases are always top quality and the HAF 932 is no exception. However, the HAF 932 may seem a bit plain in aesthetics, being mostly just black upon more black. If any future owners out there happen to be looking for some alternative to spruce up your HAF 932, Cooler Master may have just what you're looking for in the AMD Limited Edition HAF 932. Sporting a different color scheme along with AMD Phenom II logo and Dragon Fusion graphics, the AMD LE HAF 932 is sure to be a hit among the AMD crowd.

NZXT Gamma Mid-Tower Case 11-27-2009

When it comes to housing your PC, there are many paths you can take. The computer case market is full of choices, from the flashy and bright to the low-key and elegant to the utilitarian. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint a quality case for under $100, and almost impossible to find quality at a $50 price point. Today I examine a diamond in the rough: the NZXT Gamma.

nMediaPC HTPC-6000B ATX HTPC Case 10-26-2009

Today I will be reviewing a sharp looking new desktop HTPC case by nMediaPC. It accommodates a standard ATX motherboard and a full sized power suppy, with pricing in the economy range of HTPC cases (under $100). It definitely does not look like a PC case, which is definitely the trend in the HTPC case arena. Read on to find out about the nMediaPC HTPC-6000B!

Apevia X-Dreamer 3 Mid-Tower Case 10-22-2009

I was just looking back through our archives and realized it has been more than a year since our last Apevia case review. As it turns out, they have updated revisions of some of their most popular enclosures such as the X-Cruiser 2 and the X-Dreamer 3. The third installment of the X-Dreamer series continues the tradition of a mid-tower chassis with round LCD temperature display and controls located on the front panel. While maintaining nearly the same exterior dimensions and pretty much identical interior capacity, the X-Dreamer 3 improves the model by enlarging the side panel window, upgrading to 120mm fans and reducing the weight.

NZXT Lexa S Mid-Tower Case 09-21-2009

Today I have for review NZXT's latest in their Crafted Series of cases, the mid-tower Lexa S. Now you may recognize that name, in fact NZXT has previously released two other cases under the Lexa moniker, the original Lexa and the Lexa Blackline. All three are considered mid-tower cases, with the Lexa S measuring up at just under 19" tall by 21" long and 8" wide. The Lexa S comes pre-installed with a bunch of fans and provisions for liquid cooling. Join me as I take a closer look at the NZXT Lexa S.

Thermaltake Element G Mid-Tower Case 08-10-2009

The right case can make or break a build. It is the utmost outer expression of your PC's personality. From the eggshell steel 'whitebox' to the acrylic torture rack, PC cases vary greatly in form and function. My first real gaming computer was housed in a Thermaltake Armor Jr. I was never a big fan of the hinges and the door was a bit flimsy, but I loved that system and logged thousands of hours on it playing various games. My most recent case was also by Thermaltake, the Mozart TX, which is a huge step up - easily one of the largest PC cases on the market. Today we are getting to test out one of Thermaltake's latest offerings in the gaming case market, the Element G.

Thermaltake Element T Mid-Tower 08-06-2009

Thermaltake advertises the Element as a gaming oriented performance chassis with optimal cooling ability, massive storage capacity and LAN party security. All three models share roughly the same layout, they're all constructed of steel, offer three 5¼" and seven 3½" bays and have the same fan locations available, however each varies slightly in dimensions and weight. The T is the only one of the three that comes with an unpainted interior and lacks the internal power supply / drive support bracket and pre-installed intake fans of the other two. Simply comparing the three visually we see that the T model also has a more basic appearance than the other two. Is the Element T merely a stripped-down, no-frills case or can it actually compete with the other models in the Element series?

NZXT Panzerbox Mid-Tower Case 08-04-2009

Like the Beta, the Panzerbox comes from NZXT's Classic Series, those chassis typically with a more conservative appearance than their Crafted product line. Also along the same lines as the Beta, the Panzerbox is advertised as a mid-tower case and comes painted black inside and out. But there is where the similarities end. The Panzerbox is constructed of aluminum rather than steel, and features a unique shortened size that nearly lends itself to being classified as a micro-tower design.

NZXT Beta Chassis 05-23-2009

NZXT Corp is relatively new to the computer hardware industry. Five short years since the company's founding in 2004, NZXT has not only released more than 15 cases, but also gaming mice, power supplies, and other accessories. Their inventory ranges to all ends of the price spectrum: from their $450 all aluminum Khaos, to their budget case, Alpha, which sells for about an eighth of that price. Today, we're going to have a look at the just released NZXT Beta, a case for those with slim wallets.

Cooler Master HAF 922 Case 05-18-2009

Cooler Master introduces a smaller version of the HAF design, the 922 mid-tower. The HAF 922 shares its bigger sibling's rugged, industrial looks and overall style, bundled in a slightly smaller package. The HAF 922 measures only about two inches shorter than the full tower 932. Possibly better classified as an oversize mid-tower, this works out to just one 5¼" bay difference between the two. Weight is down by a good bit, only 21 pounds compared to the 932's almost 30. Join me as I take a closer look at the Cooler Master HAF 922 mid-tower.

Azza Solano 1000 Gaming Case 05-11-2009

It's not often that a previously unheard-of company comes along and launches such a wide product line targeted specifically at a certain niche group of computer enthusiasts. But that is just the scenario that we have today with relative new-comer Azza. While some might say that the PC case and power supply market is already saturated with more than enough choices, sometimes a fresh look is exactly what is needed to jump-start a whole new direction in product development.

Cooler Master Elite 360 Case 03-11-2009

We're certainly no strangers to Cooler Master here at, particularly their superb lineup of cases. In every instance, Cooler Master has walked away with an Seal of Approval, and garnered praise not only from myself but also other reviewers. However if there were one negative detail to point out, it would be the higher than average price that these cases demand. One other might be the overly large size of the chassis. Cooler Master's Elite series of cases address both of these issues however. Prices for these entry level enclosures are well below $100, some even under $50! But in order to get the cost down to this budget level does Cooler Master have to cut corners and deliver an inferior product? Or is the Elite series every bit as capable of holding up to the Cooler Master name?

NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case 02-18-2009

A little over two years ago we reviewed the NZXT Zero, an aluminum full tower case from NZXT's Crafted series. This case earned our Seal of Approval for its good looks and great cooling ability. It's still readily available today from many online retailers, priced in the $130-$140 range. NZXT has released their latest in the Crafted line-up and successor to the venerable Zero, aptly named the Zero 2.

Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case 02-16-2009

The Storm Sniper is actually billed as an "ultra mid-tower" by Cooler Master, sort of middle of the road between a mid-tower and a full tower. While marketed for gamers there are some nice extra features incorporated into the Sniper that any enthusiast can take advantage of, like the adjustable feet, built-in fan controller, robust cooling design and more. The chassis is a hybrid steel/aluminum design and similar to the HAF uses quite a bit of mesh in the front, top and left side for optimum cooling.

SilverStone FT01 Midtower Chassis 11-24-2008

Using a process never before seen in PC cases, the panel is then arched precisely on two sides with automotive-caliber press machines to create the top, front and bottom sides of the chassis. The end result is an aluminum chassis frame with more than twice the structural rigidity of average steel cases, helping to practically eliminate vibration-induced noise.

NZXT Whisper Full Tower Case 10-21-2008

NZXT now introduces the latest in their Classic line-up of cases, the Whisper silent full tower chassis. Improving upon the success of the HU-001, the Whisper is touted as a step up from the Hush mid-tower. Featuring a large size E-ATX full tower chassis, the Whisper can support up to nine hard drives and a total of seven 5.25" bays with ample space for large expansion cards. Dampening foam, rubber grommets and a padded PSU holder are some of the major features in silence.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case 10-02-2008

Such begins the introduction for Cooler Master's latest full tower design, the HAF 932. HAF stands for High Air Flow, which seems to be the driving force behind this case structure, with three 230mm fans plus another 140mm fan pre-installed. The entire front of the chassis consists of open mesh from top to bottom, and additional use of large openings in the side, top and rear.

NZXT Guardian 921 Mid-Tower Case 08-30-2008

NZXT has been building cases targeted for gamers and enthusiasts since 2004. Headquartered in Taiwan, NZXT's company objective is to "provide every gamer with a case that they can identify with." To this end NZXT offers two types of case designs, the more conservative Classic series, and the contemporary Crafted line. I've reviewed models from both in the past and I have to say I prefer the Classic series styling, however today I have for review the Guardian 921 which is the latest in their Crafted series.

Apevia X-Sniper Mid-Tower Case 08-21-2008

We review quite a few cases here at, but it's been a few months since our last one from Apevia. It's always exciting to see what new chassis designs they come up with, one common factor among them all is the ability of Apevia to produce a quality, stylish case at a very good price. Today we have a new mid-tower to take a look at, dubbed the X-Sniper.

Moneual Labs MonCaso 972 HTPC Chassis 07-16-2008

We received the silver model but a black version is also available, if that would better fit your home theater system color scheme. The 7" touchscreen immediately makes its presence known, taking up the entire center area of the front bezel. Just below the LCD screen is a spot for your optical drive. To the right, we have a bank of control buttons and a volume knob. On the left, we find a power button, HDD LED and IR sensor (more on all of these in a bit).

Lian Li PC-A77 Full-Tower Chassis 06-12-2008

The PC-A77 has some of the great features we have grown to love in Lian Li cases over the years. A removable motherboard tray, top panel, and hard-drive cage make for flexible installation. Their unique hard-drive installation system greatly reduces vibrations, and they even included a fan controller. Continue on as we check this case out in greater detail.

Sigma Unicorn Mid-Tower Case 06-04-2008

Today we’re going to have a look at one of Sigma’s newer cases, the Unicorn. The Unicorn is a standard steel mid-tower case, finished in black with red LEDs. Of course, we all want our case to turn heads in one way or another, but are we willing to sink low enough to name our case the Unicorn?

NZXT Tempest Steel Midtower 06-02-2008

NZXT has addressed these problems with their latest midtower, the Tempest. Dubbed “Airflow King”, this case has a fully vented bezel, dual 120mm front intake fans, dual 140mm blowhole fans, plus 120mm window and rear fans. Sounds like plenty of ventilation, but will it sound like the next Hurricane Katrina has arrived? Read on to see!

In-Win Metal Suit GD Mid-Tower Case 05-15-2008

Unless you're into Japanese anime, you very well might have never heard of Gundam. It didn't gain much popularity in the west until it was introduced on Cartoon Network's Toonami in 2000. But it seems that In-Win is banking on their case buyers being familiar with Gundam Wing and appreciating the similarities enough to be interested in their new case design, the Metal Suit GD.

Lian Li PC-V1110 Super Mid-Tower Chassis 05-05-2008

Lian Li certainly put a lot of thought into the design of this case, even taking the time to implement the classic separate thermal zone design that is common to many full-tower and server cases. Can this case wow us like the PC-A17 did, though? Continue on as we find out.

Thermaltake Xaser VI Full Tower 04-11-2008

Thermaltake is one company that is hard to stay on top of. In the M9 case review last month, I mentioned how it seems like there is always something new coming from those folks. Well here to prove me right is the latest offering in the Xaser class full tower, the VI VG4000 series. Thermaltake calls the Xaser VI a Super Tower, and if the box is any indication of its size, I'd say they're right.

Cooler Master Centurion 590 Mid-Tower 04-09-2008

It was a little over a month ago that I had a chance to review another Cooler Master case, the Cosmos S. While the Cosmos is certainly a supurb case, a veritable heavyweight contender, not everyone may have the space (or the pocketbook) for an enclosure like that. This month Cooler Master has sent us something scaled down a bit, but equally as impressive looking, the Centurion 590.

CSX Wraith Tower Chassis 04-04-2008

Regarding the actual paint job, since each CSX case is air-brushed by hand by a different artist, there are no two cases in the world that are 100% identical. If you are the type that likes a truly unique product, you will certainly find that here.

Apevia X-QBOII Micro-ATX Case 04-03-2008

One of my all-time favorite cases has been the X-Jupiter tower, one that until just recently I had been using as my primary enclosure. Today I'll be taking a look at the new X-QBOII, a micro-tower case that appears to be sort of a scaled-down version of the X-Supra mid-tower, also recently reviewed here at

Silverstone GD02 HTPC Case 04-01-2008

Today I have for review one of Silverstone's newer HTPC series of cases, the Grandia GD02. If you liked the style of the full-size GD01 but were just looking for something a bit smaller, the GD02 might be right up your alley. It's a micro-ATX size case, and like most HTPC enclosures it is designed to blend right into the other devices in your entertainment center, with a brushed aluminum finish on the front, available in either black or silver.

Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case 03-20-2008

Since the merger of Sunbeamtech and Tuniq, we have seen many of their products share cross-company styling cues and design features. Sometimes it is difficult to say exactly which company is responsible for what. Take for example the patented Core Fan idea we first saw implemented on our Sunbeamtech Quarterback case review. Now we find that same technology applied to the third case design to come from the folks over at Tuniq, named simply "3".

Thermaltake M9 Mid-tower Case 03-12-2008

Today I'll be looking at the recently released M9 series mid-tower case. There are two versions available, the VI1000BWS with side panel window and the VI1000BNS non-windowed case, which is the one I received for review. Measuring 17" tall by 8" wide and almost 20" deep, this black-only steel mid-tower offers the typical micro and standard ATX size in a compact frame.

Mountain Mods H2gO Aluminum Cube Case 03-08-2008

The box the H2gO came shipped in certainly didn't match the typical computer case shipping container; a plain brown cube with no exterior markings to indicate what's inside. I always liked this about one other manufacturer, Thermalright, who for years has used plain brown boxes to pack their products in. I think it says something about the company, something to the effect of... we'd rather spend our money on making you a great product than flashy advertising on the box it comes in.

Lian Li PC-A17 Aluminum Mid-Tower Chassis 02-24-2008

Lian Li is a name synonymous with quality in the case market. Almost every year, they release new chassis, all improvements upon the last in their line. Naturally, when LanCool PC (a subsidiary of Lian Li) said that they wanted to send over a Lian Li case, I was pretty excited to check it out. Today’s review sample, the PC-A17, may have a familiar sounding name: it’s the next generation PC-A16 case, and they’re about as similar as their names are.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Case 02-22-2008

Right on the heels of our Cosmos 1000 case review comes the totally revamped Cosmos S from Cooler Master. Although the Cosmos is really a nice case, there are a handful of things that could be done to make it better. We'll be taking a close look at the new Cosmos S today to find out if Cooler Master has made this latest version better than the last.

Apevia X-Supra Mid Tower Case 02-12-2008

Apevia has a lot of cases. A quick look at a popular online retailer shows 127 listings at the time of this writing. Most of these are economy-priced premodded mid-towers, in many different colors, some with a power supply, some without. This will be the fourth Apevia/Aspire case I have owned, and I have liked each of them. For someone wanting a decent lower-priced premodded case, you can't go wrong with one from Apevia.

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case 02-05-2008

Naturally, Cooler Master is a company focused on cooling performance in their products. Last October I reviewed their most recent budget case, the CM690, which had all of the right features for the overclocker in all of us with expandability for many fans. Today, we’re going to have a look at their latest high-end case, the Cosmos 1000. This case, however, has a slightly different focus than most CM products: silence. Priced at nearly $200USD, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, but can Cooler Master keep true to their name while dampening noise?

Apevia X-Telstar Steel Mid-tower Case 01-24-2008

This will be my third Apevia/Aspire case. Besides the X-Dreamer II, which I used for the better part of a year, I had an X-Plorer that I used for at least a year, a long time for someone who gets as many cases as I do. So I am familiar with Apevia cases, and expect the X-Telstar to be a mid-priced, fairly well built and finished, pre-modded case with a few interesting features. Read on to see if it meets my expectations.

SilverStone Kublai KL02 Mid-Tower Case 12-21-2007

SilverStone Technology Inc. has only been doing business in the USA since 2003. In that relatively short amount of time they have expanded their product line to include computer cases, power supplies, processor and liquid cooling systems, external storage and audio devices, fans and other related case accessories. Their power supplies were one of the first to receive nVidia SLI certification and the company has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality and customer service.

Raidmax Aztec Case 12-11-2007

Today’s review sample is the Aztec ATX case, Raidmax’ latest attempt to please the gaming market with their “Elite” line of cases. With various options for cooling, some intense LED lights and a removable motherboard tray, this monster of a case looks like a promising product.

Thermaltake LANbox SFF Gaming Case 12-07-2007

Seems like there's always something new coming from the folks over at Thermaltake. It's no wonder, with an ever-expanding product line that now includes air and liquid cooling, computer cases, power supplies, external storage enclosures and fans and other case accessories. Today I'll be taking a look at the LANbox, a small form factor, portable "cube" case from their desktop series.

NZXT Rogue SFF Gaming Case 11-26-2007

NZXT has sent over one of their latest cases, the Rogue. Although they list it with their Crafted series, the smooth clean lines of this SFF case I feel more appropriately fits the Classic series. But the Rogue doesn't exactly match either of their two categories, most of which are populated by mid-tower designs. As this is targeted as a SFF LAN gaming case, a first for NZXT, this really comes as no surprise.

Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid-Tower Case 11-15-2007

Are you tired of boring traditional computer impressions and long to experience the excitement of revolutionary hardware design? We thought so. In that case be sure to check out the latest, er... case, from Sunbeamtech... the Quarterback.

NZXT Alpha Mid-Tower 10-31-2007

NZXT's company objective is to "provide every gamer with a case that they can identify with." To this end NZXT offers two types of case designs, the more conservative "Classic" series, and the contemporary "Crafted" line. Today we look at the Alpha, one in the former category of case offerings from NZXT.

Ultra m998 Midtower Case 10-30-2007

Designated the m998 in recognition of the HMMWV "Humvee", Ultra compares its latest case offering to the ruggedness and versatility of the popular military vehicle. Can this aluminum mid-tower design really live up to its appointed name?

Cooler Master CM690 Chassis 10-21-2007

Cases are kind of an anomaly in the world of computer hardware. Some people won’t pay more than $50 for a case because, all in all, it’s just a metal box. Others pay $300+ for thorough cooling solutions, complete PC silence, or professional aluminum styling. There is yet another group, though: those who want flashy, bright, “gaming” cases, that look cool regardless of performance or noise. The various aspects and features of the case one chooses arguably tell a lot about their priorities and personality.

Apevia X-Jupiter Type G Tower 10-20-2007

Along with the release of the mid-tower X-Jupiter Jr. comes the full tower aluminum X-Jupiter chassis. With more fans, more space and less weight it's like the little Junior grew up... and went on a diet.

Moneual Labs MonCaso 932P Platinum HTPC Enclosure 10-16-2007

Several things instantly stand out on the specs list, most notably the fact that you can install a standard ATX system in this case. Many HTPC cases restrict you to Micro-ATX only systems, which really limits the type of hardware that you can use. A 7" LCD touchscreen is something you certainly don't see on most HTPC cases. The chassis appears to have good cooling also, with four pre-installed 80mm fans.

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. Type S 10-10-2007

Following closely on the heels of the full-size X-Jupiter tower comes the mid-tower X-Jupiter Junior from Apevia. Looking very much like its larger sibling, the X-Jupiter Jr. is available in four colors and two side panel configurations, giving buyers a total of eight different choices in case design.

Tagan El Diablo Case 10-04-2007

Tagan advertises the El Diablo as the world's first case with an enormous 360mm fan in the side panel. Couple that with a nearly-as-large 250mm fan in the front and you've got a case that moves some serious air!

Tagan CS-Monolith 09-17-2007

Let me clarify by saying that this case is huge. I want to get that out of the way. One of my favorite designs for cases is the matte finish for that modern look. The front has a smooth finish mixed with the matte to break up the monotony. With plenty of holes drilled out, they made sure there was somewhere for everything to vent, even above the PSU.

NZXT Lexa Blackline Case 08-08-2007

The Lexa Blackline is a nice looking rig. The window could be a little smaller, to hide some of the wire mess, but not a big deal. The red LED fans are a change from the blue ones most rigs use, and the black/red combination is a cool look. I ran the front, rear, and side 120mm fans with 12v, and the trio are surprisingly quiet. So quiet that I may not change them to 5v in the future as I usually do. Keep in mind if you run them at 5v, the LEDs probably won’t light up much. The red HDD led is different…goes very well with the theme.

Mountain Mods U2-UFO Duality 07-09-2007

With accommodations for triple 120mm radiators and multiple power supplies, these cases are built with watercooling in mind. Watercooling is not a requirement, however. You can still get plenty of functionality from a U2-UFO with simple air cooling.

NZXT Hush Midtower Case 06-22-2007

NZXT is well known for their Crafted Series of computer cases, producing such hits as the Nemesis and the Guardian - the Transformer-ish case that put NZXT's name on the radar of millions of hardware / gaming enthusiasts worldwide. NZXT has since broadened their product line to target non-gamers as well. The Classic Series presents customers with a quality NZXT chassis without the added "bling". Today we will be taking a look at the NZXT HUSH, the latest offering under the Classic Series.

Apevia X-Q-Pack 2 05-11-2007

The front bezel houses two 5¼" drive bays and one 3½" opening, next to which is the LCD temperature display. Immediately below this is the spring-loaded steel carry handle. It retracts into the case when not in use but can easily be pulled out when you need to carry the X-QPack 2 to your next gig.

NZXT Duet ATX / HTPC Case 02-14-2007

This week I get a chance to check out one of NZXT's latest offerings in the "Classic" series, the Duet. Aptly named for its ability to function in either a mid-tower or desktop orientation, the Duet looks to give users the benefit of a small footprint case without having to sacrifice on hardware due to component size constraints...

Ultra Grid Midtower Case 01-28-2007

The tissue paper is also something not regularly seen in case packaging. After pulling all of that packaging away you can see the front panel and side window are further protected by yet another layer of plastic. The side window is even covered inside and out. Ultra has obviously taken extra steps to make sure this case arrives at your door with the finish in factory pristine condition.

AeroCool Zero Degree Flexi Case 12-21-2006

Viewing the case from the rear, it really looks like an upside-down ATX. This rear plate is interchangeable for either an ATX or BTX motherboard. Each side panel comes with two thumb screws for easy removal. This case gives you the choice of using either two 80mm fans or a single 120mm fan for rear exhaustion, and has a removable plate for mounting the PSU through the rear.

NZXT Zero Full Tower Aluminum Chassis 12-20-2006

The rear of the case offers two 120mm exhaust fans. I was happy to see a free-flowing design with these exhaust ports, rather than the restrictive grill designs that many other case manufacturers use. You can also see that two thumb-screws are used to hold the left side panel in place, allowing you to gain access to the case without the need for a screwdriver.

Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champ1on Series Aluminum Case 11-26-2006

I will be the first to admit that most all of the Fatal1ty products I have seen to date look pretty sweet, but many end users have complained about the hefty premium price tag put on these items and cannot justify spending the extra money. Today I will be looking at the Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champ1on Series Aluminum Case... definitely a flashy looking system, but does it warrant the near $360 asking price?

NZXT Adamas Premium Aluminum Chassis 11-13-2006

Enter the NZXT Adamas Premium Aluminum Chassis: NZXT's first attempt at an all-aluminum case. NZXT was established in 2004 with their sights set on the gaming enthusiast market. Their first offering, the Guardian midtower case, had a revolutionary look (many said it resembled a Transformer) and was an instant hit. NZXT has expanded on their Crafted Series to include four other cases and more recently introduced the Classic Series which consists of the Trinity, Lexa and the newest addition, the Adamas.

ASYS Freedom CK-1022-6 Tower Case 07-07-2006

Enter the new CK-1022-6 Freedom, touted as a Super Tower / entry-level server case from Asys. Yes, that's Asys, with a Y. Can't say that I've ever come across any of their cases before, but the product information sheet looked promising. And the pictures showed it was no slouch in the looks department either. There were also some interesting features I wanted to check out a bit closer. This might not be such a bad case after all.

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